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  1. Where have you had the best luck buying bags..
    so far .. Bonanzle .. has been the best for me

    how about u!
  2. I love bonanzle, but my best find was on ebay. I like both, but am much more cautious on ebay.
  3. I've been lucky on ebay, but I have to admit I did not know of Bonanzle until I found TPF. My last purchase on ebay was a purple patent Sabrina that I am in love with. I must admit that I research for a LONG time before I buy on ebay--other comparable listings to make sure the item I'm interested in looks authentic, coming here to the Authenticate This thread, looking at the sellers feedback carefully as well as the sellers current items for sale AND completed items. Also look at the return policy--although if you get a purse said to be genuine and you find it is not, you can enter a dispute through EBAY, not PAYPAL and get satisfaction for 'item not as described'. A lot of careful work and no guarantee but worth it to get something you really want.
  4. A BIN is going to be alot cheaper on Bonanzle because sellers are saving mega ebay fees.
  5. Overall, I think the prices are better on the bay. You certainly have more choice. It seems Bonanzle prices are pretty high...but maybe people make offers...
  6. I agree. I've heard of people getting great deals on Bonanzle but I've never seen it. Like you said though, maybe people make offers for items.
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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010

    I agree I think the prices are pretty high especially on the legacy bags on Bonanzle
  8. Bonanzle confuses me.

    I've been on ebay for years - late nights at college got me addicted :hrmm:
  9. Lol..that's what I'm doing now. The first time I eBayed was freshman year in high school!
  10. My only issue with Bonz is no protection from sellers that sell items that are SNAD... there is no protection or requirement for the seller to take the item back... only INR protection w/ BONZ when you pay with PP.
  11. I love BONANZLE... I find that the bags are better cared for, the transaction is more personal and everyone is really nice.. There are a lot of tPF'ers and bag lovers on the site...

    I use Ebay to but I have had issues with seller one Ebay...
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