Buying CLs during eBay strike

  1. So I heard about this eBay strike... but you know... in the midst of all this, it might just end up looking bright for those of us looking for eBay deals out there! :whistle:
  2. LOL, very good point! I like the way you think!
  3. Im out of the loop....what eBay strike???
  4. Yeah...what ebay strike??!!
  5. I read in the ebay forum that people are not buying or selling on ebay to protest the new changes. I think the strike started on Feb. 18, but I can't remember when it stops.

    Edit: Ah, sorry- must have been typing when xnplo posted!
  6. ooppss....I just won a pair today! lol I dont was a pair of green simple pumps new for $250...I think many of us would have bought them. hehe
    But..back to the strike...All of the things they are doing are going to ruin ebay! Not giving us our money for 21 days!! its pure BS!
    BUT---If I do find a deal I will grab it!
  7. ^ Stinas I was watching those! I normally take a 38.5 in Simples but I was trying to come up with ways to make 39s fit. The color is great! Glad another tPFer got them- what a great deal!

    I should probably support the strike so my credit card and bank account can get a little rest. LOL.
  8. Ends on the 25th, I'm on the fence about not buying things. I'll hold out as long as I can!
  9. Oh I didn't know about it and listed a couple of things, but I am not really into strikes grhhhh. I will read the threads carefully though.
    Just did hold money for 21 days that's crazy.......If I had known all this I think I would have joined but I really need to let some things go, ahhh we'll see.
  10. I am on strike, but it is so hard. I'm seeing some things that I really want. But I have willpower. I will resist. I think.
  11. I was tellilng my DH the other night about the strike and said the same thing, that maybe they'll be some good deals? I really need to read about this strike thing, all the details. I was thinking of putting up some stuff for sale but now maybe not? I agree, it would be hard not pass over a great pair of CL's if the price was right.
  12. YES! I love a good strike. I'm in ... and those nude patent rolandos better not get scooped up!!!
  13. CatCat I listed not knowing about the strike, too. Also I saw your listing last night. Ebay emailed to me because it popped up under my favorites search. Ah, if only we were the same size!!

    Paypal will only hold your money for 21 days if your feedback is under 100. I just broke 100 at the end of the year between buying and selling so I guess it won't get held.

    I have way cut back on selling & buying on eBay since Christmas since I want to see how these changes work out, though.
  14. The main reason I'm happy about the strike is that sellers can no longer leave negative FB for buyers but buyers can still leave neg FB for sellers--doesn't seem fair at all.