Buying Chloe in Australia?

  1. Could someone please tell me where I can buy a Chloe handbag in Melb/Australia?
    Thanks so much.
  2. you can buy them at david jones (city)
    cactus jam international
    miss louise and
    luisa sometimes has them

    2nd hand ones at mio tesoro

    hth x
  3. Thank you so much for that casper7!!!!!!
  4. no worries, good luck
  5. robbie ingham also sells chloe... and i think belinda might as well, although not sure if there's one in Melb.

    they can be so much pricier in Australia though, due to taxes and import duties etc. Sometimes you're better off buying online - even with the exchange rate, you can get a much better deal from the US!
  6. Right on i_wona! Sometimes you can get lucky and save more than 50%!! Chloes usually cost upwards of $2000! A paddy will set you back about $2500 and they hardly ever go on sale.
  7. the ones i listed were in melbourne.

    I forgot about belinda, there in the gpo building. And like evryone else has said, you're better off buying on line
  8. I definitely recommend buying online. I am in Australia also. I checked out the paddys at DJs and chose what I wanted. They had it for $2500 I got the same one from Diabro for AUD$1390 incl postage and they reduce the value to pass through customs. Much cheaper and more worthwhile. Same as the Ava, they have it for $2995 and Net-a-porter have it on sale for around AUD$900. So expensive here, Ill admit I did buy my wallet at top dollar from DJs but only because I couldnt get what I wanted online.
  9. in sydney:
    it is only the david jones in the city (elizabeth street) that sells chloe, and their range is quite narrow (they only had the paddingtons in 3 colours when i walked by last week but the colours they had were awesome!) and yep like the other girls mentioned, it is $2500ish
    and robby ingham in both MLC building and paddington sell chloe!
  10. Has anyone bought from diabro in melbourne?
    Just wondering how long shipping takes...
  11. I am in Sydney and it took 3 business days. I would assume it would be the same.
  12. I haven't, but I don't think it will be more than 2 weeks. Diabro is good for tax purposes. They are happy to lower the value so that you don't have to pay customs tax. The other great place for this is aloharag.
  13. I'm not in Melbourne, but it took 5 days (plus the weekend) for me. This is pretty good, considering my friend sent me a parcel from Townsville once and it took longer LOL! I was thrilled - 5 business days from the second I ordered online until it was delivered to my door.

    Leanbeanee is right - Diabro is great for customs duties... just remember though, you can only insure the parcel for the declared value, so don't forget to factor that in to your purchase! If it goes missing and they put the value down as $45, you can only claim up to $45...
  14. How much does the value need to be below, to avoid customs tax?