Buying Chanel in Paris!

  1. I just got back from three weeks in Europe. I had planned for this trip for about a year, and I decided that I was going to finally splurge on a Chanel purse in Paris. I was there with students, and didn't have a lot of free time for shopping, but I took an hour and went to Galleries Lafayette. I had hoped to go to the store on Rue Cambon, but there just wasn't enough free schedule time. In GL, they have a Chanel boutique, and there I bought a classic quilted caviar bag in white with silver hardware. They had it in pink with gold, or red, black or white with silver. It ran about 1100 euros. But I have to say, the experience was so much fun; the salescerks were all in Chanel black and white, and just being there and hearing the birdlike sound of French all around me just made it so amazing. After I went to the caisse and paid, they wrapped the bag in tissue, put it in a Chanel box and wrapped it with black and white Chanel ribbon. Then they put in a Chanel bag, and wrapped white ribbon with white silk camillias on the handle. It was lovely, and even better to leave the store with my Chanel bag, and walk back out into Paris!

    A dream (for many years!) come true, finally! :smile:)
  2. How fun! Must post a photo!
  3. That sounds like such a wonderful experience. I hope to go one day as well. Congratulations on you new purchase:yes: , do you have any pictures?
  4. that is so awesome! pics!
  5. I'm so happy for you, sounds like heaven.
  6. I can sooooooooooo relate to you but I managed to go to the rue cambon store after G.L.where I have to admit all the S.A were extremely helpful and attending!

    Its funny to actually read how many of us have the same dreams:P !
  7. Congrats on your new white Chanel caviar classic:yahoo::yahoo:I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful experience in Paris. I too am planning a trip to Paris next year and that has always been a dream of mine:love::girlsigh:
  8. What a wonderful way to get a Chanel bag - in Paris! Congrats.
  9. i was in Paris last April.. Chanel boutique in avenue montaine (sp) is located on backside of the building we lived in.. it was amazing.. i used to checkout the boutique almost on daily basis till the SAs got tired of saying bonjour.. they would just look at me and smile lol

    lovely experience.. cant wait to go back :smile:

    btw, the 1 bag i love most is the classic flap Chanel in caviar leather its just so classy!!! congratulations on your purchase :smile:
  10. Merci for all the congrats! I newly found this forum and the Purse Blog, and I couldn't believe all the kindred spirits - there is something to be said for the enjoyment of quality in fashion, and a lot of people just don't understand ;) And I have learned so much from all of you about Chanel and the different styles; next time I buy I have new ideas about what I would like to get.

    I will be taking pics and posting them; I just got a new digital camera for this trip and haven't downloaded anything onto my computer yet (I'm kind of a newbie with the digital stuff) and I don't have a scanner. But I will try to get a pic on this week.

    When I was there I was drawn to the pale pink (not caviar) classic bag with the gold hardware; but my friend (and a random chinese tourist!) convinced me to go with the white caviar. They also had a smaller cream bag with the silk camellia; it was really cute, but I felt the camellia was too fragile to hold up well, and the bag was too small. My first choice would have been beige, but they didn't have one available. So my next bag (I hope) will be a beige or cream classic. I wanted something for spring and summer, and even with fall coming I didn't want another black purse right now. And they had some gorgeous earrings with the logo...I just wish I had had more time! *sigh* And the Rue Cambon flats were on sale, too. (cream with black CCs, and pink with black).

    But there is always next year, and I am determined to get to the Rue Cambon store!
  11. congratulation i'm so happy for you :yahoo: