Buying Chanel in/from Asia

  1. Hi all, it looks like one can never find a 2.55 in any of the Chanel stores in Asia now, the SA in Hong Kong told me it's difficult to find a 2.55 in Asia, anybody has any tips in buying a 2.55 in Asia?
    And, does anyone has any experience in ordering one from the US stores via email or internet order, please share your experience, really appreciate it.
    Thank you.:smile:
  2. You'll need to call the boutiques such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks. They usually send overseas.
    You can't do any online orders.
    First you'll need to find store that carry a reissue. Or call the 1800 number to locate one.
  3. Dear allbrandspls, thanks for the advice... will see what I can do...