Buying Chanel glasses on ebay...

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  1. Is this is less safe than buying a bag? Are there a huge proliferation of fakes on Ebay? Most of what I've seen looks real, like the models I've seen in store.
  2. My only experience with ebay was when I tried to buy a pair of Dior sunglasses. The seller guaranteed authenticity, had a great feedback score, and answered all my questions. I got the glasses and had never seen such cheaply made fakes in my life. Needless to say, I haven't gone back to ebay to buy anything designer since!
  3. I bought a pair of glasses and I am pretty sure they are fakes because they sit funny on my face a bit like they were manufactured wrong. Either that or they were rejects. The price was so low, and honestly I couldnt care less and just liked the style. They were Chanel. I usually sit on the pair and break it quickly so it didnt bother me much.
  4. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid? I don't know how low is too low. The pair I'm looking at right now are on for about $100+ more.
  5. I bought a real pair of Chanel eyeglasses (not sunglasses) on Ebay. They were 1/2 of what I paid retail. I bought my glasses at my eye doctor's and loved them. I found the same pair on ebay with the same size and bought them in case my glasses broke I thought the lenses could just be put in the frames. I did buy from a person who has a eyeglass shop and he also was able to do lenses too. I took my glasses back to my eye doctor and was told they were real. I already knew this because they were a ezxact match in every way and well made. I do think 99% of the Chanel sunglasses are probably fake. There is just too much copying them all around. I would not buy sunglasses from Ebay.
  6. Here's the easiest way to tell if they are real or fake. ALL Chanel's have serial numbers. The counterfeiters haven't figured that out and probably don't want to engrave all of that. Ask the seller what the serial is if they don't disclose it. Also they will have a black case.
  7. Thank you! They all seem to have black cases but some don't look like the case that came with my real pair. Like one case has CHANEL spelled out in rhinestones?

    EDIT: Oh, is the serial number different than the model number?
  8. I've also been looking on eBay since I saw a pair in Chanel the other day that I fell in love with. But, I didn't get the style number and there are so many pairs on eBay :blink: What other Web sites sell Chanel sunglasses besides Ashford? I wish I could get the style number, argh.

    Which ones are you looking at getting, IntlSet?
  9. style # = which style they are
    serial # = which specific pair they are like the bags
  10. They're $350ish on Ashford! That's only 20% off of retail.
  11. Wow, $350?! Most of the sunglasses I saw in the boutique were around $290. I think it's hard to tell whether or not sunglasses are fake unless you actually see them in person. Of course, if a seller has a lot of sunglasses listed, they could be selling fakes. I wish it was like telling whether or not a bag is fake, because once you look at the real thing enough you start getting better at distinguishing the real thing from the fakes.

    I wish I could find the ones I want on eBay, but I'm also afraid of winding up with fake ones :suspiciou
  12. I've been thinking about a pair of Chanel sunglasses as well, but it's way out of what I know is real. I think I may just suck it up and go the boutique way as well. :\
  13. I have bought both of my chanel glasses in the boutique. You should really go that route. I believe chanel has a three year warranty. I love mine so much! I just got the brand new #6014 $325 and I want to sleep in them I love them so much! :smile: