Buying Chanel at Bloomingdale's

  1. I have a question regarding Chanel purchases at Bloomies. (I can't find the thread, since search isn't working).
    I recently got a Blomies card, and I know that some of you ladies have purchased them during EGC events, But how do these events work? And how often are they? TIA!
  2. Is Chanel bags valid for the EGC? I dont believe it is but I could be wrong.

    Bloomies EGC is spend $100, get $15 back in the form of a gift card that is used for a future date (usually the day after the last day of the EGC event). A couple SAs at Bloomie's SF told me that you had to be present to get the gift cards but I'm sure if you have a nice SA she can get it for you and ship it to you with the bags.

    Best to call a SA though
  3. At the last Bloomies EGC in December I was told by the Chanel SA and the person handing out EGC's that Chanel handbags are not eligible for EGC's at Bloomies. Chanel sunglasses usually are eligible.

    I wish they were eligible!
  4. I believe Chanel handbags are included in the EGC event. I got my Met. black reissue in November through Bloomies in NYC. My SA sent the bag and the EGC cards to me. As Mello_Yello_Jen mentioned, there is an expiration date on it. However, since I don't live anywhere near a bloomies, he ended up replacing those EGC's with a bloomies gift card where I can use anytime. So, I don't know if it's only on certain events, but I definately got the EGC's during that time.
    Give my SA (Seth Swink 212-705-2856) a call and let him know that Jackie sent you. He's super!
  5. Thanks so much! Last question: How often are these EGC events?
  6. There was an event over the last weekend. I went in on Friday and shopped and my EGC's. They are good 1/14 to 2/2. I am not sure when the next one will be. Sorry!
  7. Do you know if the ECG event included last Sunday? I never knew about it and still have a receipt. Do you think I could get my ECG via their customer service? Thanks very much!:okay:
  8. Do you get the ECG only if you use a Bloomies card or any card? How about if I bought something on Friday Jan. 11? Could I return something and buy it again and get the ECG?

  9. started on Thurs 1/10 and ended on sun 1/13. it's an in-store event only so you'll have to talk to your store's customer service
  10. any card will do, doesnt have to be bloomingdale's card. ecg ended already so you cant get the ecg now but you should talk to your store about the purchase you made on the 11th. of course it's the buyer's responsibility to get the cards but maybe your store will be nice
  11. Was this event for any items bought during those days, or just for handbags? Thanks very much!
  12. ^ any items with certain exclusions (all leased departments such as Jimmy Choo, LV, and Chanel, UGGs, Tory Burch, and a couple other brands I cant remember)
  13. Did you make your purchase at the Bloomies at the South Coast Plaza mall, they are such idiots there. When I purchased something from Bloomies in New York, they sent the EGC cards with my purchase and I was able to use it towards my Chanel bag purchase at South Coast. I would recomend call customer service and let them know. If you purchase from Bloomies in South Coast, I recomend asking for assistance from a Sales agent in another dept. like Gucci, they always are more helpful about events