Buying Cartier Love in CDG Paris vs. LHR London airport?

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  1. Which one is cheaper? I can see the price on Cartier website, but I'm not sure how much percent I should remove to compute it if I will buy it in one of the airport. I'm planning to buy either the Rainbow Love or Juste Un Clou.
  2. I just got back from London/Paris- I visited 3 different Cartier boutiques in London and the prices were all pretty high (same as NYC). I ended up buying my love bracelet at Place Vendôme in Paris because euro is lower and I think it's overall better to buy in France if you want to save a little money
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  3. Where did u end up buying it? Tia
  4. I ended up buying the rainbow love in London Heathrow Airport. I purchased it for $7693.00 (I saved $700!)
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  5. Pic* IMG_3892.jpg
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  6. With the current sterling pound exchange rate, London is definitely the better deal.

    Gorgeous love bracket! I have one myself and I've also been thinking about possibly getting another to stack.
  7. @swt Looks great. With #brexit dropping the pound, I'm looking to pick up a RG love. My Bff happens to be in the uk this week and hoping she will be able to pick this up at the Cartier boutique in Heathrow before her flight back home. Which boutique did u go to?
  8. Hi! Its the Cartier store at terminal 5 but if your purchasing the Rainbow Love you should have them reserve it since when I went there they only have one in stock. I'm lucky that its in my size. They can reserve it for 24 hours before your flight with no deposit. You have to pay a deposit if its more than 24 hours.
  9. Looks great, what was the £ price for your rainbow love?
  10. Called price is £5125
  11. That's without the vat, correct?
  12. simply stunning!