Buying Cartier in Japan Airport?


Jan 14, 2010
Hi all,

My boyfriend and I are thinking to go to Taiwan next year and will possibly be making a stop to Japan for a week or so and I was wondering if you guys knew whether it would be cheaper to buy Cartier at the airport than US or Canada? I am from Canada and I've been wanting the 36mm Ballon Bleu for a long time but prices have been going up so quickly!! It's now $6100 before taxes and I heard from someone that buying from Narita Duty Free it will be much cheaper except I dont know if that is true or not because usually brand names in Japan are priced much higher.

Anyways, thanks in advance!!!


Jan 18, 2011
that is so funny if anyone noticed this phenomenon also. I bought a few Cartier jewellery pieces at Narita and Haneda airport between 2012-2013 because I've noticed the price was lower than anywhere else in the world, even against EU after detax. but the price hopped back in 2014, all in balance globally, probably someone in the maison took a notice of it? although the jewelries were cheaper, Ive never peeped into watches so i can't tell you that, sorry.