buying cartier at saks

  1. hi guys! i know ive read before that members have purchased cartier watches at Saks and gotten a discount from SAs? can anyone tell me how much discount they got? Cuz I was wondering if it will be worth it for me to buy the watch at cartier, get the discount, and open a Saks card or if i should just get it from a jomashop or something that has the watch on discount.

  2. I've heard 10% discount for watches over $3000. With the EGC coming up, you could really save big.
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    I purchased my Tank Francaise at Saks during the EGC event. I applied for instant credit (a Saks store card account) and got 10% off, on top of a $450.00 gift card. The EGCs are more generous now, but Cartier watches have gone up in price since I did it last July. The end cost of the watch goes on to your new Saks account. I paid it off immediately, as any finance charges would negate the 10% pretty quickly.

    As far as I know, this is the most cost effective way to purchase a brand new, fully warrantied (warrantied by Cartier itself) Cartier watch.
  4. thanks spylove and cecilia! do you guys know if u can get 10% off on top of another 10% off with the opening of a new account? thanks!
  5. meluvbags- I don't know of any furthur discounts. That sure would be nice though.... I want a Tank Louis now.:p
  6. I was offered 15% total discount if you open a card.

  7. i cant think of any other way either. :graucho: plus theres nothing like buying it straight from a boutique, or a distributor for the piece of mind.
  8. Does Saks still discount on Cartier watches?

  9. Yes, I believe so. Although the trend for discounting on watches has significantly decreased in recent years...which is a shame to say the least.
  10. I was actually surprised to see authentic Cartier watches on display at the Costco near me. Is this typical of Costco's across America? I live in the San Francisco Bay area.
  11. Does anyone know if discount can be applied on cartier bracelets? I am particularly looking for the love bracelet.

    I have a saks charge, Do promotions like "buy some get some", or double/triple points would apply to my future cartier purchase, thanks in advance!
  12. i am pretty sure you can only get Cartier watches at saks
  13. I recently called my local saks and asked if I could apply the 10% discount to a Cartier watch if I opened a store card. I was told no....anyone recently have experience that proves otherwise?
  14. I would head to an authorized dealer and ask for a 20-30% discount and mention that you are paying in cash. Thats basically the industry norm when it comes to watches.
  15. Interesting. I did a ton of research on this and was totally expecting at least 15% off because I seem to read that EVERYWHERE (I'm talking about dedicated watch-geek forums). The AD totally wouldn't budge and said "the best I can do is 7%" and that doesn't even cover tax!