Buying Bottega Veneta from Europe - help needed please

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  1. Hi all!

    I have been lurking in this sub-forum for a few months now, drooling over your lovely collections :drool:

    At last, I am in a position to buy my other two dream BV's - a Campana in Ebano and a Ball in Noir :love:

    I am in the UK and prices here are way higher than US and Europe and so ideally I would like to buy the bags from Europe and have them mailed to me here. Can any of you European girls recommend a store an SA that I can call? Do you know if they will do a mail order to me here in the UK? Have any of the UK PF'ers ever bough BV from Europe?

    Thank you ever so much for your help! :flowers:
  2. I'm not in Europe (wish I was, though!), but I want to wish you good luck. I think the 2 BV's you've selected are fabulous. I have the Campana in Ebano and it's my favorite bag.

    *crossing fingers* for Balchlfen!
  3. hey balchlfen!

    i`m not quite sure if they do mail order to a country where there is a local bv store, but if you`re really looking for a very sweet sa who`ll definitely help you with everything, call julia at the hamburg, germany store under +49-40-5298250 or send her an e-mail at! she is truly devoted to all of her demading customers` wishes ;o)

    i don`t know if this helps, but you cann add that you got the mail address from claus in vienna ;o)
  4. The pound is so strong against the dollar and the euro, I think you should fly (or chunnel) to Paris or New York for the weekend and go shopping!
  5. Of no help here, but g'luck on getting your dream BV bags! :heart:
  6. Welcome Balchlfen and good luck in acquiring your BV's!

    If you don't mind my commenting -- you may have to eventually change your name/tag line....;).....BV is rather addictive and we are good little enablers! :graucho:
  7. The cheapest place to get BV is Italy, around 10% cheaper than London. I suggest you to fly to Milan with Ryanair or other cheap airlines, return on the same day, this might be even cheaper than asking them to send it to you. Make sure there is no imported tax for goods from Europe. Good luck.
  8. What Londoner suggested might be a really good tip!

    But actually I found out that the prices in the Euro zone are identical in every country that has Euro as their currency (so wouldn`t matter if you took the train to Paris or a flight to Italy).

    But in the Florence area (and I think there are some low-budget-airlines heading there, no?) BV has some outlets and they mark their prices down quite a big percentage!
  9. Thank you so much for all your help girls :flowers:

    I had considered flying out to Italy or France for the day but I have no holiday days left at work (all booked up until Christmas) and I can't go at a weekend because of other commitments. Would be great though and certainly something i would do if I hadn't swallowed all my holiday days already :yes:

    I think I will try the German store recommended by C_24 first of all and see what the SA there says....

    I'm kicking myself as I was in Cannes on a business trip just a few months ago and they had a BV store there and at Nice Airport as well! But I didn't have the cash or the desire like I do now!! :nuts:

    As an example of how much I can save - the Ball bag is £1040 here in London but the equivalent of £850 in Europe! That's almost 20% cheaper so well worth looking into :yes:

    Thanks again everyone - I will let you know how I get on ;)
  10. i keep my fingers crossed!
  11. Is it possible that there is an item in the European market that the buyers / stores in the US did not obtain, and cannot "locate?" I ended up purchasing a Magnolia Montaigne which had just been returned that morning to the NYC store but.. I'd still prefer...

    I'm looking for a Campana in Magnolia which is sold out in the US but could they have it in the UK or Italy?
  12. kronik, if you bought the Montaigne (such a lovely bag though) at the NYC boutique, ask them to check the stock in their european boutiques, BV has a computer system or at least an inquiry system for the stores that let them see if the bag is availabla in europe or not, at least it works the pther way round (asking a european store to check on the us market)

    if it`s not available in the BV network, there`s no way they can locate it at the retailers that carry bottega, then the only thing you can do is inquire personally at the biggest european department stores
  13. kronik, i am 99% sure that when i spoke to one of the London BV stores (i think Bond Street) earlier in the week, they said they had a magnolia campana. i was looking for a large campana, which doesnt come in any colours other than black or brown.
  14. C_24 thank you so much for the contact details! I got in touch with Julia and she is so helpful! They have the two bags I want and they will be shipped to me at the end of June (which is when I can afford to pay for them)! I 'll be saving about 250 GBP in total (about 500USD or 380EUR) so well worth it! :yahoo:

    Thank you ever so much :flowers:
  15. Balchlfen! Congratulations!!!

    I`m honestly more than happy that I could help! It`s just too cool that everything worked out so well and I know that you`re simply going to :heart::heart::heart: these bags when they arrive!

    And with that kind of bargain! I think I´m as excited for you as you are yourself right now!

    And don`t you just love Julia? She`s like the most helpful SA I´ve ever met and it surely feels good that I could recommend her to a fellow tPF-BV-Lover!