Buying BE handbag

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  1. To those who live in US and bought BE bags from UK, how much did you have to pay in custom fees? I'm thinking of getting Love Me and would like to know how much extra the bag will be.

    Also, if you have Love Me in Black Crash, how do you like it as an every day bag? Does it show wear (worn corners, leather rubbing off, etc) quickly? I would want to use it every day but I would be gentle with it. Since it's somewhat on the pricey side, I want to be sure that I would be able to use it every day and not be afraid to ruin it.

    I bought LP Piper Speedy and even though I love the design, the bag is not for me...:sad: I love the look of BE Love Me and the leather looks thick and rich. Plus, Black Crash looks shiny and I LOVE that!!!

    Thank you very much!! :yes:
  2. If you order from the BE website, they are now shipping via Royal Mail so you may save on customs. At the very least you will avoid the DHL service charges. I have a LM in Petrol and I adore it. It's held up really well and it's the glossy leather. The crash leather is more durable so you should have no problems using it as an everyday bag.
  3. customs on the LM I ordered came to about $71
  4. ^^^Did you use Royal Mail or Courier? Which one is better?
  5. DHL is courier, right?
  6. I have a black crash LOVE ME and I love it! No problems with it, use it all the time, looks fabulous.
  7. the LM came by my Indulge me came by royal mail/usps and *so far* I haven't gotten a customs bill
  8. ^^^ Good to know! I'll put Royal Mail as method of delivery when checking out! Seems like it would be cheaper custom fees - wise. :yes:
  9. I've seen some modeling pics of it and it looks sooo fabulous!!! Looks like a perfect every-day bag!
  10. I have an LM in pewter crash, and am getting the LMM in black crash this week. Like the black, the pewter crash leather is extremely durable. It's been out in rain, snow etc. with nary a problem. I think the crash leathers are particularly resilient because they are treated.
  11. So, I decided to buy LM and when I enter my info and click BUY, I get an error message saying "the connection with server cannot be established". I tried a few times and I keep getting the same message. Anyone else tried buying anything today? Did you have any problems??
  12. If you are buying Direct, TPF members get free shipping; not sure if anyone told you that! Unless it is big and ship DHL which I guess would involve fees.
  13. The website NEVER lets me place my order. I always get an error, but sometimes it goes through even though an error has occured. It's very annoying so i just email my info to jackie and she processes it. One time I tried placing a deposit fot a LMM and it went through 3x but still showed error has occured. I wouldn't keep trying as you may be charged still.
  14. ^^^ Well, that's not good! I think I tried about 10 times! :sad:
  15. ^it's ok, just email jackie and let her know :smile: