Buying Bbags in Paris

  1. I'll be in Paris next week, and am going to be doing a little shopping. :graucho: Where is the best place in the city to shop for Bbags? I've heard that Galleries Lafayette sometimes has a better selection than the Balenciaga boutique. Are all of the stores open on Mondays? (Museums and most tours are closed, so that's my Designated Shopping Day. :p ) I know the Euro is really high against the dollar right now, so I'm not going to find any "deals" but am more interested in the widest selection.
  2. hi! It's actually Printemps that has a great selection, not G. Lafayette! I have seen the back room at Printemps and it's so tempting not to run inside and roll around the bags!
    The Bal store also has a great variety of bags, it also has many from past seasons so if you missed out on a color from a couple of seasons ago, you might find it!
  3. Oh and forgot to add that all the shops are open on Monday, and Printemps is open until 22.30 on Thursdays!
  4. Merci beaucoup! I understand that Printemps is right next door to GL, c'est vrai?
  5. Yes, they're very very close! Although I'm not sure if Lafayette has bbags at all though... However Printemps is one metro ride away from Bal (line 9 if I remember correctly!)
  6. GL has no Bbags, unfortunately! Only Printemps and Bon Marche but BM has a tiny selection
  7. I actually bought my black city from balenciaga boutique in paris last winter. I didn't really think they had much variety in terms of colors of more classic b bags such as the first classique, city etc. It def. won't be a "deal" compare to the price in US.:sad:
  8. Yes, I've reconciled myself to not buying anything that I could get here. I've decided instead to focus on bags that might not be as available in the US, such as some styles of Bbags and Gerard Darel.
  9. Oh how I love Paris! Good luck with your Bbag shopping and have a great time in Paris.

    I was there in February and managed to get a bag I couldn't find anywhere in the UK at Bal Paris. It was not on display, but if you ask, they go "downstairs" to have a look.:yes: