Buying Bbags from saks? Any success?

  1. So Saks is having their EGC event on Thursday...and I'm pondering maybe doing a presale and getting a bag from there. Might as well get the $150 bag, right?

    Anyone bought from Saks? Any recommendations? Do they typically have good selections?
  2. I've bought a few from Saks. It's so hard to get what you're looking for. Most of the SA's are clueless but saving the tax and getting a gc makes it all worth while
  3. I bought 3 Balenciagas from Saks. The leather was awesome on 2 of the 3. The other 1 was a tad dry, but still pretty. The selection at my local Saks is always good, alot of bags to choose from. But they are slow to get the new color collections. I give them an A. :yes:
  4. How do you save the tax? I thought if you have a Saks in your state you have to pay? No? I like that even more then LOL!
    I might have to call around today and see what kind of stock they have!
  5. The Saks here doesn't sellb BBags :crybaby: