Buying Bbags at Barneys...

  1. Hi. I'm not in the USA and I'm wondering if you purchase a Bbag at Barneys do you get the Balenciaga box as well? And does anyone have a stock list for which S/S 07 Bbags Barneys will be carrying? Thanks!

  2. I didn't get a box with mine.
  3. I've never got a box from Barneys, but Bal NY & Aloha Rag both ship the bags in the Balenciaga gift box...which makes the package heavy.
  4. i ordered from balny two weeks box and they didn't send a box i was not happy abt that
  5. I have never gotten a box from Barney's either. Unless you're near a Barney's and want to pick your bag's leather in person, I would buy from AR instead. Their customer service is much better.
  6. the only place I've ever received a box was Bal NYC (and the last time I didn't) and Neimans if you have the SA order it from the whse and request it. Never from Barneys
  7. No box if you buy it at Barneys. I have always received boxes from Balny.