Buying Balenciaga now compare to last year

  1. I'm just curious to know how easy it was to buy Balenciaga bags in previous years.... since I just know about the b-bag just recently (isn't that pathetic? )
    I know this season is very easy to find & buy the bbag... Is that the case last year/ last 2 years? I heard some people said that they have to wait couple of months in order to get the bag... Anybody has any experience buying the bbag back then?
  2. It is definitely easier to find bbags in retail stores now. I remember when they didn't hit the shelves in Holt's here in Toronto. There was a waiting list. I remember because I was on it, and when I was called to pick up my pistachio first, it was the only bag they had in stock and it never hit the shelf. These days, Holt's has a wide selection available at all times. I think it has to do with the new leather; to me, these bags just aren't as desireable.
  3. No, don't feel alone. I am a newbie to Bbags also and am looking for a city bag in a light color...wishing someone here would sell one...:wondering
  4. i must say, after finding this forum i've found it a lot easier to buy b-bags! For months and months and months, i would wonder to myself, how the heck do i get my hands on one of these bags? thankfully, i came across PF!
  5. I agree that they are a lot easier to get. I'm not sure if there is less demand or if Balenciaga has simply increased production in order to meet demand. It would be interesting to know...
  6. do you know if the price is the same as before? (did balenciaga increase their prices through the years?) - i also changed my mind, and now i'm in love with the b-bag.
  7. Before this forum, I thought it was impossible to get any B-bag. Now, it just seems too easy but then I know there are still alot of people out there that thinks B-bags are impossible to get. When I first got my bordeaux First, my aunt just stood there with her mouth hanging open. She thought only the celebs can get these bags. :lol:
  8. I don't know about the last years but in Germany it's very very difficult to buy B-bags because there are just 6 shops in the entire country who sell them and the minute they come in they are gone. They aren't as popular here as in the U.S. It took me ages to find my ink city and I had to phone order it in another city.
  9. maybe they over estimated the market or the leather isn't as desirable? But it does seem like it is easier to buy one. Some how it makes the bags less appealing since its easily available in a retail store...