Buying Balenciaga bags in Europe at Louisa via Roma - good idea or bad?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Has anyone had experience of purchasing through Louisa via Roma ? I am pondering the purchase of a Giant work in Sandstone Argile and also in Bleu Glacier. I am going to call up the store in Paris tomorrow to check out their stock but I hear LVR is pretty good. They look genuine - has anyone bought from them before, are they trusted stockists? I hear from another thread that the prices are comparable to Balenciaga Paris store ?
    They seem to be charging Euro 1295 (about £880) for a work giant and Euros 1195 for the brief bag. Oooooh I'm tempted ! This would be my first purchase of the Work. I've been a City and to a lesser extent a Twiggy girl up until now but I'm feeling that 'big bag' look ! Just got a Downtown YSL metallic silver tote and its got me thinking.....perhaps I can do big bags....
    Any advice on LVR would be gratefully received. x
  2. I recently purchased a wonderful Aquamarine City GH from them and their service was second to none. I couldn't get the Aquamarine in the UK and I would now always consider their stock first. Their prices are slightly lower than in the UK and at the time they had a free post and packing. I ordered on line which went smoothly and the bag arrived very speedily. Of course, there were no additional custom taxes, since I was buying from the EU. Hope this reassures you and their bags are certainly authentic. Good luck with your purchase.
  3. I bought from LVR last season. They are completely authentic, although customer service could be a bit erratic. When they do respond, however, they are very good. Too bad they have mainly GH this season; otherwise, I would have bought from them again.
  4. I have ordered Chloe through them before and it was a wonderful experience. I recommend!
  5. Thanks so much for that to those of you who posted a reply- sounds really good. Just out of interest anyone know how much the Giant Work is in the UK (I haven't looked here yet) ? Thanks again for responding - much appreciated. Will post pics when I seal the deal ! x
  6. If you have the choice I would suggest Bal Paris over LVR. I have delt with Bal Paris and they are excellent, immediate shipment. LVR can be erratic as someone else mentioned. They are a very upscale boutique and completely authentic. I think Bal Paris may be slightly less in price?
  7. I love LVR. Christine (or Christina) I'll have to doublecheck is great to work with. She is an American who has lived in Rome for many years, and so she can help guide your through any questions you have with your order(s). I talked to her about why they ordered so many GH for sp/sum. She said that was what the buyers decided to do, but that they were really surprized at how upset all their customers were. She told me that they had ordered RH, SH, & GH for the upcoming season. My orders from LVR have arrived in five to seven days - from Rome to Cincinnati - I think that is pretty darn good. Everything was neatly packed, securely sealed and no damaged shipment boxes. I even had to return items, and everything went quite smoothly. Returning items can be a hassle though, so you really want to make sure that you are fairly certain about what you order. Again, I love LVR! I did have to pay customs as I live in the U.S.
  8. i bought my naturel GH brief at lvr and loved them! their service is great -- if you have skype, i recommend talking to them through skype. they are really friendly and helpful. i placed my order on thursday and got my bag by monday (i had it shipped to singapore). but as lovelygarments said, you do have to pay customs since they declare full value.. ooh, i do hope they have RH for next season! i spoke to an SA who said all she knew they were going to have is SH..