Buying Balenciaga Accessories - breaking a purse ban?

  1. So, I'm on a purse ban till the end of the year as I have started College for the year... (key word being "purse" ban)


    I have managed to come up with some money to buy a 'little something' for myself!

    I was thinking a coin-purse or something along those lines... just something small to keep me going till I can buy my next bag...

    So... is that considered breaking a purse ban...?

    Hee hee hee :rolleyes:

    I could always put that money towards my bag purchase at the end of the year, but I have been thinking that a small Bal accessory would be a great addition too... (whilst also feeding my hunger)

  2. This reminds me of that diet saying "A little of what you fancy..."

    So with those words in mind I reckon you should go for it! Maybe a mini coin purse they are so cute!

    And yes the semantics of it being a "purse" ban definately gets you off the hook!
  3. get the mini purse!!! being an evil here :yes:
  4. Would purchasing a coin purse break the bank for you? If not, then by all means... :devil:
  5. I think a little something will make the wait more bearable;)
  6. The coin purse is so cute and functional - go for it! I love them in bright colors! Mine is french blue.
  7. Think you def should make the ban easier by giving yourself a lil love every now and then :graucho:
  8. Sometimes I feel like I just need to reward myself with a little something for being a good girl...but with what I see the cost of the "accesories" are, some of them are like 25-50% of what a new bag would cost...but still technically you are not breaking your purse ban so if it makes you feel only go around once..............:graucho:
  9. Coin purses are not that expensive, so I wouldn't consider that breaking your ban......but a wallet, that's like 1/2 the price of a bag!
  10. :party: what ban?!?
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. I'm thinking Coin Purse...

    Is a CP big enough to fit cosmetics in??

    I was thinking a lippy, lipgloss and atomiser of purfume...
  13. you could def fit a lipgloss, lipstick, and a small atomizer in a CP. I say go for it! What color are you thinking of?
  14. At the moment I have Rouge Vif and Navy bags... but I dont really want to match one or the other...

    I was thinking something in a different colour, but no idea which...

    Any suggestions?
  15. A Coin Purse sounds fabulous!Then you are definitely not breaking your purse ban!;)Pls don't forget to post pics! :yes:

    What about French Blue?:love: