Buying Bags Online

  1. I thought it would be good if we could have a thread that told everyone where you buy your bags online from and what experiences you have had with them. Not necessarily to bash any particular site but just a guideline.

    My Favorite Online Sites.....

    Active Endeavor: Not alot of Big sales but awesome 2 day delivery and great communication in email with where your order stands.

    JCMadison: Awesome. Some good sales and I ordered mine by phone where they were so lovely to deal with. Also 2 day delivery.

    Bluefly: They actually had very good service in purchasing my bag. I forgot to use my coupon, and called them and they applied it after my order. took over 2 months to get my refund for a return. Chaotic phone staff, numerous phonecalls. Kind of ridiculous. (I wouldn't buy a high end handbag there with various accounts of possible fakes getting in)

    Hayden Harnett: The Best. Two day delivery, coupons inside for 15% off your next bag. Great Email service. And when I sent an email of thanks I got a personal one back (not a formula email).

    Karizma: Okay. 3 Days and no word from them concerning my placed order. I called them and they found it. It was actually over a week and a half until I got my bag. Maybe that isn't too bad but when all of these other sites have such rockin shipping times, it's bad in comparison.

    LaurieSolet: Very personable via phone. Fast shipping and an awesome sale.

    Revolve: I was surprised with my "30% off 1st time buyers deal". Good shipping time. I almost think they shoulod reward furture purchases with a deal too because I haven't purchased from them since the first time because I know there will be no 30% off.

    Shopbop: Very good experience No real communication about my order. Reasonable shipping. Packed very well.
  2. I've ordered bags from Neiman Marcus, eLuxury, and Bottega Veneta. So many people have ordered from NM and eLux that they all have their own experiences to fall back on. Bottega Veneta ships quickly and packs well, so the experience is good when I can't go to the real store.

    Thanks for your review of the sites you have used.
  3. Net-a-Porter, Matches on-line boutique, Browns on-line boutique, handbags and gladrags, then the designer sites themselves - most I like have an on-line store.
  4. NAP and Browns are my first stop

    Yoxx is another great one
  5. Luna Boston. Great service, good refund policy, fast delivery, 20% off all the time with codes, including sales. Love them!
  6. I've ordered Juicy for Neiman Marcus, and the bag wasn't packaged too prettily. It's much more fun for me to just go to the store. Coach, on the other hand, comes in a pretty gift box, which I really like.

    Overall, I think it's a better experience to go to the store for big purchases. It's so much more fun that way!
  7. Great thread! I've bought bags and shoes from the following online stores and would recommend them to others: Nordstrom's online, Zappos, and Bluefly.

    I also sometimes buy/sell at eBay. You have to do your homework and be very careful but I've never had a problem with any seller and have bought authentic bags at really good prices. tPF is a great place for info on eBay sellers.
  8. ELuxury, Neiman's, Saks and Bergdorf's. I've always been 100% satisfied and would recommend any of these sites.:yes:
  9. Saks, Barneys, Neiman & Bergdorf is the only place I buy bags anymore. Clothes, shoes & cosmetics are from anyplace I find good deals.:rolleyes:
  10. Has anyone ordered from Intuition?
  11. sold me a very nice LV Sologne for a good price. They shipped it fast, wrapped it nicely and marked it as a gift for customs.
  12. Zappos is my favorite but I don't like their handbag selection (not a lot of higher end brands that I tend to buy). Fast/free shipping and returns.

    I have ordered from most department stores and come designer websites. I have had a lot of wrong items sent by NM. They acually sent me a tan children's fur coat instead of a black cashmere vest before. I don't see how they made THAT mistake.

    I always think twice with NM, Bergdorf, and Bluefly because their returns take a long time (1-2 months).

  13. That is so true. Zappos is a great place to shop on-line, but their handbag selection isn't what it could be. :crybaby:
  14. I've bought from:
    The Purse Store: great service, fast shipping
    Active Endeavors: Very fast shipping
    Shop Bop: Good service & communication, but shipping seems slow!
    Eluxury: great
    NAP: Awesome! 2 day shipping!
    Adasa: Awesome and fast as well!
    Anthropologie: Slow! Questionable communication...
  15. I really like to call in my order when places have a number. You get a feel for the place. JC Madsion and LaurieSolet was great for this. So was Hayden harnett who even called me back.
    When I called Bluefly I knew I was calling a huge call type center with people who knew nothing about the merchandise. They just put orders in and sent me in circles.