Buying bags on Amazon

  1. I recently bought a Treesje bag on Amazon. The bag was sold by Amazon, not by one of those people selling fakes through Amazon (man there are a lot of knock-offs on Amazon!). According to Amazon there was only one bag left in stock. So I bought the bag. That was a week ago. It never shipped. My order is still sitting there. It says "preparing to ship soon."

    It's been my impression through the years that Amazon often sells things they don't actually have or may not even have access to.

    Does anyone have any experiences buying purses through Amazon?
  2. I purchased a moni moni hobo from with no problems at all. The bag arrived in about 10 days and it was just soft and beautiful. About 1 week after getting the bag, I noticed that the bag went on sale and it is now $200 cheaper so I called immediately to see if I can get price adjustment. The SA was very nice and credited me the difference right away. I would definitely buy bags from them again.

    I am sorry it is taking them so long to ship your bag. Hope you get it soon.
  3. Well that's sure good to know! Does Amazon actually have phone numbers that you can call to speak to a sales associate? Couldn't find any customer service numbers anywhere on their site.

    Wow, it went on sale for $200 less! That's sure a big difference in price. Glad you love your bag!
  4. I order a lot of things on Amazon, mostly cosmetics, and when they come from an outside vendor, they come quickly and I've never had a problem. I did however, order a bag from Amazon, it was the Kale Palmer II. It took forever to come! Over 2 weeks! I guess that's what I get for using the super-saver shipping! When it arrived it looked beat up! A really ugly bag with some weird marks on the leather. I sent it back right away, with their UPS tag, and within a week, I received an email telling me that they will credit me for the return. So, I guess the customer service is fine, but I question how they keep stuff stored in their warehouse.
  5. I googled it " customer service number" and found it online. Not sure if I can post it here. May be you can PM me for it if you still need it.
  6. That really sucks, I'm sorry for your expierence with I've used them before and they are fairly good at what they do... I would definitly contact their customer service because if something is back ordered they would let you know asap
  7. That does suck. I have had great luck with Amazon as well. Just hang in there for a few more days then raise hell!!

    lol jk