Buying bags in ebay - advice?

  1. Hi! Been looking through eBay and found some really nice Prada bags. I have never purchased a single thing from eBay in my whole life so I don't know who the real authentic sellers are and who aren't.How do you guys tell one from the other? I've seen some fakes too, don't get me wrong. But some of the bags do look real.

    For those who are frequent eBay buyers- can you please help me out? :sad: What are the list of things/signs I should look for in picking a seller?

    Thank you!
  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! I have never bought anything on ebay either. Thanks for posting this thread! :yes:
  3. No impulse bids/buys. I see a lot of threads where the poster knew they shouldn't have bid on something, but got caught up and did it anyway. It's a lot harder to fix the problem once you have won or received a fake. Make sure to post the auction in the proper "Authenticate This" forum before bidding. Another option is to keep your eyes on the sales of reputable merchants and skip ebay.
  4. I always make sure the seller is willing to take the item back. You can always get something authenticated after you get it and just return it if it isn't real then. Lots of feedback is something to look for too.
  5. You either really have to know what you are buying and signs of authenticity or post in the Authentication threads. There is alot of things to look for. What is the seller selling, what they have sold in the past, thoroughly searching negative feedback and seeing what it pertains to, how good their communication is with you, detailed informative auctions (I hate 3 line auctions descriptions even if I know the bag is real). It seems like alot of work but if you do the homework you can find some great buys.
  6. If it's too good a deal then its not real...I've lived by that since I got scammed on a bait and switch LV years ago. Good luck. Read the tips on the Ebay forum...lots of good experience.
  7. There are many Prada experts at the Prada/Miu Miu subforum. They are excellet. You could post the link there. They will help you out.

    Prada is my new love. Be careful about Prada, there are very many fakes in the market, so does eBay. You could find an authentic also good deal at eBay, but you need to do a lot of homework and be careful.

    Good luck!
  8. I have purchased several great authentic but pre owned bags on ebay. I never bought anything without researching the sellers, extensively. Some sellers are selling from their personal inventory to save up for new bag. Some see this as a business and offer a consignment for women who want to sell their bags. Check their feedback. Never buy from someone who has mulitiple auctions of the same bag and are using the exact same photo for their auctions. The bag pictured should be the exact bag you win. Always pay with credit card, never with money order or cashiers check. Ask them questions. Ask for more photos. How do they respond? Do they willingly give you extra pictures of various views of zipper pulls, SN, bottom of bag, corners, handles, etc. Whatever you need to verify the bag is authentic. If purchasing LV, look for an ALVA member or a My Poupette recommended seller. Usually they sell LV, but occasionally they would have Prada, Bbags, YSL, etc. I hope this helps. If you do wind up with a fake, stop payment on cc and tell your bank to hold payment as you feel the item you purchased is a fake. Take photos of the fake and notify ebay and paypal of this dispute. Contact the seller and say this bag is fake and I want to ship it back to you exactly as it is and get my money back. Send back with signature confirmation. Take photos of the fake bag for your cc company, ebay and paypal.