Buying bags and selling them on - Are you more carefree about what you buy?

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  1. I was thinking the other day about all the bags that have passed through my hands within the last 6 months, and I got to thinking that sites like Ebay have made me less choosy about the bags I buy.
    Most of the bags I buy I never see IRL (usually because the bags I like arent widely available where I am) so when I buy them and end up not liking them, I just think 'Oh its ok. I will just put it on Ebay'.

    If sites like Ebay werent around, would you still buy as many bags as you do and risk end up not using half of them, or would you be more cautious about what you buy?

  2. I think I would definitely be more choosy! When I see a bag that I kinda like, I'll buy it and think "if I hate it in 3 months, it can always go on ebay." I like ebay though because I can buy trendier bags and know that when I get sick of them, off they go.
  3. I am very careful about which bags I buy, regardless of Ebay. When I buy a bag I intend to love it and use it for years to come. If I'm buying a bag with the thought in mind that I can sell it if I need to - well then I don't think I should be purchasing the bag in the first place. As for buying - it may cost more to purchase new but you can't beat the fact that you have no hassle returns if it doesn't work out, unless I've seen and held and know I love the bag I'm purchasing I wouldn't take the chance with Ebay.

    So no, I wouldn't say I use Ebay as a security blanket when buying bags and I don't think of them in terms of an 'investment' either, I buy them to love, use and enjoy.

  4. I would be more choosy too..I already am very careful with all my bag purchases but it makes me feel a lot better when I know in the future if I didn't want one of my bags anymore or needed to sell one to fund another bag that it was doable. As much as we all complain about eBay (I've had my fair share of troubles lately!), it is still a great place to recoup some money from past purchases.
  5. I've never sold any of the bags I have bought, but I am glad that ebay is out there in case I ever do. I am already really choosy about what becomes a part of my collection, and once it is I don't really want to part with it! Not to mention that I have no idea who would be getting my bag if I sold it on ebay. Is it kind of selfish that I don't want just anyone to buy my bag and treat it badly since they don't love it like I do? :shame:

  6. I completely agree. eBay is a non-factor in my purchasing decisions.