Buying baby clothes on sale for baby to grow into

  1. Hi Parents,

    I have somewhat of a silly question to ask... is it common for parents to buy kids clothes when they have seasonal clearance sales to get a good deal, and buy for say, next winter for your child to grow into? How well does this strategy of saving money work?

    I've noticed that with the end of year/season sales I've been piling up on winter clothes for my DD for next winter... coats, sweaters, hoodies, etc. I can't stop shopping :nuts: with all the deals!

    I especially got pretty addicted to Stella McCartney for Babygap and bought her some outfits for 2 yrs down the road :graucho:

    Am I completely crazy?
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    i do it ALL the makes no sense not to [at least for me] i know that sooner or later they will wear it. and if i can find an awesome deal i jump on it. be it shirts/shorts/pants/shoes....etc.
  3. Crazy? Not at all, I always buy a year ahead to get the deals! The only thing you have to worry about is sizing. If your baby has a groth spurt or is a slow grower things may not fit the season they were intended for. I bought my son a snowsuit for this winter in size 4 (he turned 4 the end of October) and he had a major growth spurt and he is now wearing a size 6 so the great deal on the snowsuit was not so good of a deal after all. Lucky for me the store I bought it from has a no limit return policy as long as you have the receipt, so I was able to exchange, but I think most stores have a limited return policy.
    The only other problem I find with buying ahead is I end up with way too much!
  4. DD isnt here yet so I dont really know, but I firmly believe in buying ahead when you find deals - especially non-season specific clothes. Ive tried to be careful and spread it out. Its fun! Ive also been told to avoid the temptation of buying too many shoes. That is really hard to get right I think.
  5. I do it all the time. It works best for kids over 2 though, since they grow slower. It also helps because I have a ton of stuff in case the weather changes all of a sudden and I haven't had time to go to the store. The only thing that you have to do is remember what you bought so you don't over buy. It also gets more difficult once they start wanting to pick out their own stuff.
  6. I did it all the time with my son. I love a great sale LOL.
  7. I was at the outlet mall yesterday and found some great deals. But I was a bit unsure of this. DS will be 5 months next week, but is wearing 6-12m from Gymboree, Gap and Old Navy, and 9m in Carters. I wasn't sure enough if he'd be in 12m or 18m or 24m larger next winter! I thought about stocking up, figuring if something didn't fit, I could eBay it, but then I remembered how many things are in my own closet with tags still on them...
  8. I do it all the time. My kids have clothes two size ahead. I hit all of the end of season sales and load up... Went to Baby Gap one time and spent $20 and gots lots of items...
  9. This is exactly why I don't stock up until they are 2, they just grow too fast before that.
  10. I think when they are just infants unless it is an amazing deal, it's too difficult to guess what size they will be in. With that said, I do buy things estimating what size I think she will be *if* it's too good a deal to pass up on or on something I fear may no longer be available in the future.
  12. I do it too! LOL!! Baby clothes don't really go out of trend and I love a good bargain any day.
  13. I love shopping ahead because you usually find some really good deals. I always buy next years winter coat this time of year when they go on sale.
  14. i do this all the time.. i just went crazy at converse and ralph lauren online buying polos for my son.. i bought for 6months 9 and one year so he can grow into them at some point down the line.. they are just toooo cute to pass over..
  15. I do it ALL the time... go check out they're closing down and their clothing prices are unbeatable. I bought in bulk for 3 age stages crazy?