Buying and selling.....

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  1. please take a moment to read the rules of our Forum.
    No members are permitted to buy, sell or trade here unless invited into the MP.
    Also, soliciting via PM or posting eBay items is prohibited.
  2. Thats what the Market Place is for. Once you have made enough contributions, and posts, you can apply and then begin buying and selling :smile:
  3. Thank you. I was hoping to 'advertise' my 'need' for a specific item to pfers. I'll wait and apply.
  4. Yep, buying and selling on the forum, other than in the MarketPlaza, is forbidden.
  5. You can put in 'tpf' as a search on eBay and come up with some forum members that way. But i'd still have the auctions authenticated, I know there are always unscrupulous people who join (or say they're a member) to push off fakes. GL!

    PS-I'm SO curious as to which bag you want now :lol:
  6. It's a good way so people can feel save in the transactions. If anyone could do it, more people would end up with fakes I'm sure!
  7. Can people pm? I know that I've gotten a few in regard to some of my posts.;)
  8. nope,, no pm'ing is allowed to buy or sell bags
    be careful you could be banned
    this is a touchy subject, i am surprised no mods have CLOSED this thread or removed some of the content\
    those members who may have pm'd you about buying or selling a bag- are in COMPLETE violation of all the rules and can and will be banned as well
  9. SELLING AND BUYING on the PF is NOT allowed..If it is proven that its being done via PM's..U will possibly be banned.
    Please wait and apply for the marketplaza....its the ONLY way to buy and sell here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.