Buying an older piece, your feelings?

  1. I always end up buying my pieces brand new or as close to new as I can find, but lately I just love the idea of an older used piece.

    For those who have taken the older piece plunge:

    How did you feel your first older piece?

    Did you buy more older pieces afterwards or went back to new?

    How used is too used for you?

    Do you prefer a clean vachetta or do you like the character of a stained piece?

    A used Alma is calling me... should I answer the call? :graucho:
  2. I personally dont like a bag that I didn't "break" in...I like my bags vachetta pure and white.....basically I like my bags to be "virgins" and only be "de-virginized" by me......excuse my horrible terms but it best describes it...hehheehe but if you like the bag and the way it looks then GO FOR IT....!!!! why wait!! its all how you feel at the end of the day!!
  3. I do like the look of the darker patina but I prefer to be the one to give it its patina and "special" characters. I don't mind buying a preowned epi though. Anything with vachetta, I have to buy new!!! It's weird.
  4. for preowned pieces, i LOVE buying luggage. that way i dont get too crazy about ruining the luggage. nothing a little febreeze or oust won't fix for the interior, so i don't care, and the exterior always looks amazing.

    so for me, luggage is the only thing i will buy preowned. otherwise, bags/accessories must be new!
  5. the only thing i've purchased used is my cerises speedy, because basically i had no other choice. other than that, i want everything new so that *i* can break it in :yes:
  6. I have only bought used items, and I prefer it...the way I think of it is like the depreciation when you drive a new car off the lot. I don't want a bag with stains, etc....but I would rather pay half the price if the only thing different is the darker patina.
  7. I prefer used pieces as they are already broken in and usually have a nice patina. I don't like walking around with a bag that screams "new".

    Having said that, I had to buy a few things new (bh, popincourt haut) as used pieces were too hard to find and just as expensive as new (and not worth taking the risk of getting a fake!).
  8. If I have no choice but to buy something pre-owned, as in a style that's been discontinued, then I'll buy an older piece.
    I actually prefer the warmer look of a medium honey patina.

    I'm also not against buying a current style that's been pre-owned, especially if I can find a great deal on it. I'm not against a bag that already has a history :smile:

    That being said, I've sold off some of my own LVs and I always love that the people that buy them are usually the people that will love them as much as I do. It's a good feeling knowing that my bag has been adopted into a good home.

    If that Alma is calling you, maybe you should adopt!

    I still buy new as well.
  9. I just bought my first used piece, a yellow epi noe. I had no choice but to buy it used because it is discontinued. Other than that I prefer new pieces.
  10. I have no problem buying a discontinued item or a rare item used. You really can't get it any other way. For new items, I am always afraid of getting a fake so I always buy those new.
  11. i dont care if the bag is used but it has to be in good condition.
  12. i love buying used because of the significant savings on price. Also, damier and epi pieces are so durable that often a used item is in excellent shape. Also, for mongram pieces, I detest the look of brand-new vachetta -- I much prefer a nice warm honey patina. I would only buy a mongram bag used -- not with a bunch of really bad stains or dirt or anything, just something gently used and loved. Also, just as in buying a used car, a used bag means you don't have to be quite so careful with it and worry about it all the time. And did I mention the price savings? You can almost buy twice as many pieces if you buy good quality used!
  13. Depends on the price. The higher it is, the more clean I expect it to be.
  14. I bought one once and sold it for other reasons (too small for me). I think I'd prefer if I was the original owner but I don't mind buying used.
  15. I don't mind buying a used piece if it's in good condition and looks to have been well taken care of. I bought my Cabas Piano used, and it has a beautiful patina and was spotless on the inside. I love it, I haven't stopped carrying it for almost two weeks :smile: So yes, if the price was right and the bag was in good condition, I don't mind buying used.