Buying an item that has ended??

  1. Hello, I really wanted to buy some shoes at eBay but I did not get on time and the item ended so I emailed the seller and he/she told me to paypal the payment to the address that I was given and just mention the size I want.. I think it'll be better if the seller relist the item but I guess the seller doesnt want to pay more fees...

    Should I buy it ??? What should I do?? :confused1::confused1:

    Thanks everyone
  2. Hi, try to check her store or other items. If she's a retailer, then I guess it'll be ok to do such that anyway, make sure item amount not more than $100 per pair, I ever did the same, seller is retailer and she shipped all of my shoes :smile:
  3. ^Yeah I agree.
    I've had a couple of buyers who wish to buy items they were watching but missed out on bidding (sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose). I just relist them saying they are for that bidder only and charge them the relisting fee (it's usually about .95 for me).
  4. Yup. Ask her to relist as a BIN ... I always want the feedback option so any shenanigans are kept to a minimum.
  5. If the seller looks legit, I would do it.
  6. Check the feedbacks and if the seller is legit then it should be ok. Trust your instinct
  7. i agree with the comments above, if the seller seems legit then i think it's safe to buy without relisting. however if the seller has very few feedbacks, i'd just ask them to relist.
  8. I missed out on a Tod's bag once, and I trusted the seller, so I bought it off auction, and it worked out beautifully. I know I got really lucky on that transaction, but if you trust your gut, I say go for it!
  9. I would go on track record
  10. I have done it before with no problems. Make sure you pay with paypal and use a credit card, do NOT use existing funds in your paypal account. That keeps your risk to a minimum. Also insist that the seller send you the item with signature confirmation to protect both of you.