Buying An Entire Lot on eBay?! Help Quick!!

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  1. Sooo a friend emailed me an ebay link to an auction for an entire LOT including the bag that I've been searching for forever AND 5 matching accessories!!!! :drool:

    She said she saw it posted on another forum and I'm kind of wary of buying an entire lot on ebay in one purchase. It scares me! Who here has done this?! Advice and opinions, please? It looks totally legit and I want to BIN but I'm a little bit wary....
  2. I would just post it in the 'authenticate this coach' thread and if it is all legit then why not? If you can afford it and it is authentic then you get your dream bag! If there are things you don't want you can give them as gifts or re-sell them on e-bay!
  3. Oooh, thanks! But won't people bid on it then?

    edit: Do I post a link on ebay or just the pictures?
  4. Well, it does allow other people to possibly see the link but tPFers are super sweet and if you are authenticating something then obviously you have an interest in it... I've never heard of someone 'stealing' someone else's e-bay bid because of the authentication thread.

    You can just post the link to the e-bay auction and someone will authenticate it for you. If you feel more comfortable, you can copy and paste all the pics and the description from the auction without giving the link but that doesn't allow the people authenticating to look at the seller feedback or to check out their other items for fakes.
  5. I saw the listing! I would say go for it!! If you can afford it and get what you have wanted then heck ya, go for it!!! Good luck!
  6. Oh, thanks guys! :smile:
  7. Very nice. I saw the lot too. Good luck! The price is lovely for the lot of 5 bags. Go on, bid away!
  8. Eeek, I chickened out! I decided to buy a leather Kooba instead!

    SO thanks anyways for your opinions guys! I think I'd rather just get only the bag and not have to commit to all those accessories! I know a lot of you girls are so into the matchy thing, but me not so much lol...
  9. Found out what it was nevermind!

    It's great. I'm watching it maybe it'll go for cheap...
  10. I have bought a lot before on ebay and sold the things I did'nt want or need or already have. And I made most of my $ back on the original cost of the 1t auction. I say go for it.
  11. If you're worried about other tPFers possibly bidding, feel free to PM me the auction link and/or pictures. I'm one of the people who like to help out in the Authenticate This Coach! thread so I wouldn't mind taking a look for ya at all! :yes:
  12. I posted it on there, but I decided against it. I got a leather bag instead because I figured I would get more use out of it, but thanks for being so sweet :smile: