Buying Advice

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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I was given $250 for christmas to use on a new purse, but I am having trouble choosing one that is in my price range. I am looking for something classy that will hold all my stuff, but still not too big. i'll mainly just be carrying a cell phoe, wallet, a small cosmetic case, and sunglasses. Any suggestions?

  2. Feydan posted some really nice pictures of her new Banana republic bag and it was less than $250. I'd go for that one.
  3. Some nice Coach bags are less than $250 too.
  4. See the thread I started on "inexpensive" bags in this forum. Everyone gave me great advice!

    I was at the Burberry outlet today and they had a few cute bags for $299 and under.
  5. Here are some bags I saw at that are on sale:
    This is a Helen Welsh bag that was $248 but is on sale for $98.90
    Here is a Donald J. Pliner bag that was $375 but is on sale for $186.90
    Here is a Kate Spade that was $375 and is on sale for $186.90
  6. Check out for their super clearance sale. I remember seeing a few slings on sale for around $199!

    P.S. That Helen Welsh looks like a Balenciaga-wannabe. :lol: