Buying abroad? I love it!

  1. I wanted to share some of the things that I buy abroad. These are items that we purchased in India while checking the quality control at our factory there. We also buy gold nuggets and save them for rainey days since the economy is so restless right now. Don't be afraid to buy just make sure you know who you are buying from.
    These pieces are all handmade 24 karat gold. They have been "painted" in the small rings as you can see. This is a necklace that is adjustable to 35 inches and two bangle bracelets. Very very fine quality as you can see. I enjoy looking at them from time to time. They are much too delicate to wear so I keep them tucked away. Enjoy :smile:
    IMG_4222.jpg IMG_4223.jpg IMG_4224.jpg IMG_4225.jpg IMG_4226.jpg IMG_4227.jpg
  2. oh reminds me of the arabic jewelry we have here. i do love it but it is just not me.
    but on-topic i love jewelry shopping in germany and france and austria you can find wonderful pieces over there :heart:
  3. Yes, I agree. That is why it is locked away. It is only for the gold that I bought it. But it is beautiful :smile:
  4. Quite lovely. I see many people where I live wearing pieces similar to these.
  5. It is beautiful chag. :yes:
  6. Those are beautiful!
  7. Thanks! It's just a really lovely piece to look at sometimes. The work that goes into these are amazing.