Buying a WHITE bag just so you can dye it into a 03/04 color?

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  1. So we know the WORK didn't come out 'til 05, so if you love the style and find it most functional to your lifestyle, would you buy a white work and have it dyed to be in one of your favorite colors from 03/04? Imagine a 03 Lilac, or a 04 Dark Turquoise or Lilac or Turquoise or Eggplant in Work.... I wonder if it'd pun intended....
  2. i too have contemplated doing that but i think the look/feel/smell of the leather would be compromised. so i resigned myself to living without an eggplant work :sad:
  3. I've seen some really good dye jobs, but I do worry about the smell...wonder if that would go away after a while...even if it's a long while....
  4. i have dyed a white bag coz I can't get that style in a color i wanted too! its not the smell that bothered me when the dye job's completed but the shine/plastic-y texture after the dye job that bothered me most. But most of the shine n texture went away with use n time. The bag will look fine (at least it does to me now) after the shines' gone and the leather's is smooshy again. Tarrogo dye is pretty odourless!

    Jumping on the DYE wagon, my 'new Chocolate' SHRUG :smile:

    but no matter what, it'll never be like an original in the leather feel after u have dyed ur leather... i think its the ingrediant in the dye that makes the bag waterproof.
  5. yes, after i dyed a day bag it just didn't seem like a bal to me anymore, it was like i'd put a cheap coat on over a chanel outfit if you catch my drift.
    i was also afraid to use it for fear of the dye coming off.