buying a vintage classic flap..would strap indentations stop you?

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  1. I am about to venture into my very first and probably only chanel bag. Based on what I've read about vintage vs. new I prefer the quality of vintage over new. I am looking at a medium classic flap in black caviar with gold hardware. The bag is in excellent condition but has minor strap indentations on the front flap and back. The price is good for the condition of the bag and about the most I would want to spend. Wondering if anyone can provide feedback on those strap indentations and if I should still go for this bag?
  2. My very first Chanel was Vintage and I always tried to make it brand new!! I finally sold it bc I realized with all the repairs and Chanel Spas the bag was Vintage and had things that could never be fixed. I would talk to a Chanel repair manager and ask them if anything could be done about indentations, Chanel policy has changed regarding repairs so its a case by case situation now and a 5 year warranty only. My repair manager at my Chanel Store says he still tries to help people that buy preloved Chanel , however he stated some stores will not. Good luck and its hard to not get Chanel for a great deal so if the indentation is not in the front of the bag then ask yourself if it would bother you.
  3. I couldn't answer the question without seeing a picture. If it's very noticeable, it might bother me. But then again it might not. I tend to be more OK with flaws in bags than some of the other ladies here who are perfectionists (and I totally understand where they are coming from- these things are expensive!) Only you can decide, really!

    I'm not sure strap indentation is something that can be fixed, but you could try sending pics to Leather Surgeon. There are lots of posts raving about them :smile:
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  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466779182.489265.jpg
    Here is a pic of the front. What do you think?
  5. I posted a pic of the front. It's described as "light indentations".
  6. Similar what happened to mine due to improper storage. I read it somewhere in this forum, and keep on massaging it and it puffs again. Hope it works for you too
  7. If it's a good price, honestly it wouldn't bother me. But like I said, only you can know whether it would bother you or not in long run!
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  8. What skimilk said is perfect. Chanel is not refurbishing vintage pieces. If you are concerned, I would sent pictures to leather surgeons to get their opinion. chanel sends bags to leather surgeons for repair. I personally love vintage pieces. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing. it is hard when deciding on your HG vintage piece as to what is acceptable to you. To me, the indentations are small and would not bother me. But, it's not my bag that I'd be personally using and inspecting closely. Good luck with your decision!
  9. Honestly, it would not bother me. I am not looking for perfection with vintage bags, only those flaws that would constantly bother me.
  10. If it was on the back then maybe wouldn't bother me but I keep zooming into that spot in the pic. If it were me I'd pass and wait patiently. Coming from someone who almost bought a vintage Diana 3 times (thought i would settle for the imperfections) then decided to wait then voila! One in amazing condition showed up and it wasn't much higher in price than the ones I passed up.
  11. I'm pretty sure that if you put a cloth towel over it and ran a steamer over it, it would puff back up. I've done that with Chanel bags that had some indents, sometimes resting it a little in between another session.
  12. Thank you ladies for all your input. I will wait to hear back from leather surgeons and if anything, the bag has a return policy so I feel comfortable taking a chance. Thanks!!
  13. Hi Ladies, I am considering this prelove Vintage Diana, everything is perfect except for this. The leather experts told me that there is nothing they can do as the top layer of the layer is already worn off :sad: Would you consider this for SGD $3000, comes with full set (Original box, dust bag, card)

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  14. No
  15. No, don't get it. It looked like someone tried cleaning that spot and over rubbed it.