Buying a Tiffany & Co 0.67-0.70 this weekend!! Any tips??

  1. Dear all,
    I am looking to purchase an e-ring from Tiffany Toronto this weekend. It would be helpful to know some price parameters before I go in. That said, would any of you happen to know the prices for a nearly 0.70 or a 0.70 on the Tiffany setting in platinum? The Canadian site says a 1 ct starts at $12,000. I was considering a 0.50 but if 0.70 seems to be nicer, isn't it? Any tips on how to approach this purchase to get the best out of their collection and my money?

    Any help will be wonderful!!

  2. LOL I just saw your post on pricescope. I wish I could help you but I have no idea. Sorry.
  3. Sorry, I don't know what it would cost... if you were on Pricescope then you've probably been told you can get a larger diamond for the same amount of money elsewhere that has the same specs. But if you're set on T&Co. I don't think they negotiate their prices and your best bet is to probably have them show you as many rings that fit your criteria and you trust your eyes! Good luck shopping & with the proposal :smile:
  4. My e-ring and wedding bands are from Tiffany & Co - as you know, their prices are not negotiable. There is a big price jump at every 0.5 carat. I wasn't looking at anything under 1 carat when DH and I got engaged... there is a HUGE range - Tiffany sells anything from D to I, from IF to VS2. The cuts are all ideal though, which is great.

    We bought a 1.37carat, G, VVS2 and it was about $15K US a couple of years ago if I remember right pre-tax.

    Like I said, the jumps are at the 0.5 carat levels... the difference between 0.5 carat and 0.7 carat in price will not be as big a jump as say a 0.9 to 1.1 carat. There aren't really any "tips" I can offer... most people go in with a price range, and it's up to you which parameter means more to you. You'll have to decide if you want a bigger stone, and are willing to drop the color or clarity to stay in your budget. Have fun!

    It's a great shopping experience there! :yes:
  5. Tiffanys have a standard quality and price. The only difference is where you buy it. I don't know how much is the sales tax in canada is, but if its like in the US wherein it varies from state to state, then you can save a little if you buy it from an area with a lower sales tax. But if you are not really particular in getting the Tiffany brand, I am sure you can get the same quality and size at a much lower price from a reputable jewelry store.
  6. Tell me how it goes! I'm interested in purchasing a .50 solitaire from Tiffany's in Toronto too! :smile: