buying a speedy 30

  1. Hey everyone:smile:

    So i'm finally going to get my first lv but I have to wait until the day of my birthday (February 11th) I want to get a mono speedy 30 ....... do they always have this purse at the lv stores? You don't have to put in a pre order or anything right? I was also wondering if they are priced the same at all the different lv stores in california?

  2. That's an item most Louis Vuitton boutiques have in stock all the time. But you can always call in a week ahead to have them hold one for you! They all retail for about $620 plus tax. I know that you'll love that bag, it's an amazing size! :love:
  3. Most stores have this item in stock. You might want to call and check. You will love the speedy 30.
  4. Regular stock :smile:

    :yahoo: on your upcoming bag.
  5. Happy Early Birthday! You have the same b-day as my DH. Yes, Speedy 30 is widely available. Recommend that you ask to look at several of the same Speedy when you are at the store. It will probably be folded flat, so stuff the purse with t-shirts and eventually the wrinkles in the canvas will come out especially with use of the bag. If you don't like the saggy look of the Speedy, then put a piece of rectangular cardboard or a slim magazine at the bottom of the purse to prevent sagging. Some tPFers have Pursekets as well to organize their purse and prevent sagging. Do a search on Pursekets within the forum and you can also go on to see the product or buy it on e-bay.
  6. They should have your mono speedy 30 in stock, but during Christmas season sometimes they may run out. Valentine's day might deplete the supply a little, too, you never know. You can always call and they will hold it for I think 24 hours. If they do run out, they always get them in right away.
  7. yes, icon, staple. always.
  8. happy birthday! you'll love it!
  9. That is usually always in stock, and no, the price is same all over. My bday is in february too, Good luck!
  10. You will LOVE this bag!! Just call ahead to be certain, you dont want to be disappointed. When they ran out at my store, they had a new shipment the next day.
  11. You will LOVE it! That was my first bag and I'm STILL obsessed!
  12. Congrats and let us know when you nab'll love it!