Buying a red clochette or luggage tag

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a red clochette (as on the Caissa) or a red luggage tag? I think red looks great with DE and I'd like to get something for my Speedy 30, preferably a clochette!

  2. Yes it's possible if a bag with a clochette (Alma for example) is produced, then your SA can order that clochette as a spare part.
    Same goes for the luggage tag. Look through the Keepalls to see what colors are available.
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  3. Thanks for your reply! Yes ive seen a red clochette on a Caissa tote on the LV France website so I know it exists.

    I had asked could i buy a pink one i saw in person (on the same model bag) in LV store on Champs Elysee and they said no. So im nervous to ask! I might ring my local store and ask. Thanks!

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  4. Technically, LV will only sell spare parts to people who own that particular bag, but some SAs are open to order the spare part you want (if available of course). They rarely have them in stock at the store. So try with an SA you know well and/or when you make a new purchase: they are more likely to help out.
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  5. Great tip thanks!!

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  6. For anyone interested in knowing, i popped into LV this evening and they said they cant sell a replacement piece for a bag you dont own. They got a memo recently reinforcing the policy. That pop of red would have been cute!

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  7. Just stopped by the store to have my replacement tag embossed. Just also happened to ask the lovely SA can she order me 3 more in the colors i wanted.. red, purple and yellow. Unfortunately the yellow one was unavailable so had to switch to blue. The purple and red will be come directly from France. But no question was asked if i owned any luggage.. but I think when she pulled my profile to send the original one i brought in and saw what I had bought.
  8. I was looking to get a red clouchette and a luggage tag to use together on my Keepall to add a special touch. I want the colors to match. Is there a a clouchette and a luggage tag that are the same color red from purses/luggage pieces that someone can recommend so I can have my SA order it?
  9. Hmm that will be interesting to see if that will be enforced. My SA always orders any luggage tag I want. I don't even have a bag that comes with luggage tags (none come with the Porte Document Business). It does help that I buy almost anything through her. Even if I could order it online I'll order it via my SA so she can meet her quota and it continues to build my relationship with her (so I can order more luggage tags or whatnot).
  10. Was it an SA that you have a relationship with that told you this. I find if you just ask the random SA they will tell you anything. It is true that it's LV policy but SA's have a lot of discretion and it's gonna be hard to enforce this with clients that drop thousands each year.
  11. I'm not sure where you are located but the LV store in white plains NY has a good stock of luggage tags. I just got one in a maroon color to put on my speedy DE. It was 60.00 .

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  12. Hi everyone, sorry for delayed reply - I don't get notifications on the app which is annoying.

    I don't have a relationship with a particular SA although the manager is familiar with me from dealing with me before. I only have a speedy B, a 6 key holder and a cles as well as my DE luggage tag. I am really keen on a red clochette although I'd settle on a red luggage tag. My friend who also only has a Speedy B so no solid relationship with an SA was given a firm no when she asked for a red luggage tag recently. We're in Dublin. We can't order online in this country but these would be replacement items anyway so not on the website. I asked could I buy a pink clochette in the Champs Elysee store in April and was also told no as it came with Caissa tote only. I was buying my 6 key holder at the time. There is only 1 LV store in the ROI so I'll have to try again with the manager when I see her or when I am travelling. I am in Scotland in September.
  13. Oh this is troubling. Let's just hope it stays to ur side of the world! Lol. I haven't heard anything like that from my SA. May I ask u which red clouchette u were considering (from what item) and does it have a matching (color wise) red luggage tag? I would like to get both while I still can to add a pop of color to my Keepall.
  14. Edit- clochette my French is bad!
    Apparently so is my spelling! Lol