Buying a PCE coupon on EBay, will they accept it at the boutique?

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  1. I just wanted to know before I make the purchase and then drive the 3 hours to the closest boutique. If I buy a 25% off PCE coupon on eBay, will they accept it at the boutique, even though it wasn't issued to me?
  2. yes, but I would keep an eye around here, you might be able to get one for free
  3. Yeah. They don't have names on them.
  4. Have you tried asking for the discount? A lot of stores/SAs will give you the discount just for asking. I'd ask before buying one one eBay. Or, like court said, wait and see if anyone offers one up here.

    BTW, PCE issues are supposed to go in this thread:
  5. Great, I hope I can get one in time, I need to get it soon, as I have to make the trip during the week.
  6. Ooo, that is wayyyy to far to drive and then take a chance to see if they will give me the discount, if they turn me down, the 6 hour round trip will have been wasted.
  7. They don't have names on them.
  8. I better make sure I have a paper coupon first, and not assume that they will give me the discount if I ask, too far to drive and take a chance.
  9. There is no name on the coupon. I bought one on eBay last May and used it with no problem.
  10. I would call the coach store and ask to speak to the manager and ask her if she would honor the discount for you w/o a coupon, make sure to tell them that you would be driving so far to get there and you need to know before you go. Make sure to get her name and ask when she's working so you can go when she's there.
  11. CALL AHEAD!!!! I did and it worked!!
  12. yeah, call ahead and tell them you have a pretty good list and more than likely they will give it to you
  13. I was given a PCE card and planned on making a 3.5 hour drive to shop. I called the store to ask a couple of questions and when I mentioned I was coming from that far away, they took my order over the phone!

    Call and ask! Can't hurt to try! I ordered a couple of extra things since I saved all that money in gas. :yes:
  14. I wish they sent me a card. They called me and I am on the list but no card :sad: I totally would have sent you mine. I would def call ahead and ask though, good luck ! Maybe someone you know could give you their card because if they are on the list they can look it up in the store and you can use their actual card.
  15. They did a phone order for me I told them I lived 4 hours away can't hurt but I still have my card pm me your addy and I can mail tomorrow if you need it.