Buying a New Puppy Online???

  1. Does anyone have any advice for buying a puppy online from a breeder? I have never done it before and I put a deposit on a Shorkie Puppy but now I'm getting a little nervous and feeling that I really don't know anything about the breeder. They live in MO and I'm currently in California so it's not like I can go by and see their place and their puppies. :confused1: I googled them and they have ads on a bunch of websites but I don't know how to protect myself from being scammed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :ty:
  2. I hope you reconsider buying your dog from a web site. First off, there is no such breed as a Shorkie. Some enterprising lowlifes figured out they could pass off mixed-breed dogs as "designer dogs" and sucker people out of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Yorkshire Terriers and Shih tzu are both great breeds and there is no rational reason to crossbreed them and pretend it's a new breed.

    I would consider anyone who does this to be a puppy mill, not a real breeder.

    If you want a mixed-breed, please go to your local shelter where the dogs really need homes and the adoption fees are much lower than what these people are asking for their mixes.
  3. :yes: i would be less worried about getting scammed monetarily speaking than i would be about buying from a puppy mill....which it totally sounds like this place is. reputable breeders sometimes have websites but you can't "order" a puppy from them....and they never advertise via links/ads. usually you find them through the AKC website and they only breed purebred puppies (taking great care to only breed dogs whose traits will better the breed overall). the individual breeder website is more for their show titles and information to contact them in person. imho there are no reputable breeders of mixed breed puppies.

    you can put whatever pictures you want on a website....where the puppies actually live is deplorable. most puppy mills are run out of the midwest with a very high consentration in missouri. if you go through with this order you will most likely get a very sick very poorly socialized puppy.....not to mention you'll be supporting this disgusting industry. for more info take a look at especially the puppy buying tips page. i hope your deposit wasn't very much.
  4. WTF is a Shorkie?!?!
  5. Don't do it. You have no idea if the puppy is in good health and that's one thing. Another thing is that it's probably from a puppy mill and I'm sure the other members who posted before me mentioned many other reasons not to as well.
  6. umm, one tip: DO NOT DO IT! if you want a shorkie (aka a mutt) go to the pound and save a dog's life. a reputable breeder would NEVER sell a puppy online! google "puppy mill" and you will quickly find out why you shouldn't support breeders who sell their dogs online.
  7. Wow, I didn't realize every "breeder" online was running a puppy mill. At least that seems to be what everyone here is saying. I guess I'll find out in the long run if I'm being scammed and what kind of health my puppy is in because I'm already in love with him. Thanks for all your opinions.
  8. that's too bad :sad:
  9. Why would you even post here if you weren't going to listen to any of the opinions? You're buying a mutt from a backyard breeder who cares so little about their animals that they're actually selling them through the internet! And I'm just curious how you can be in "love" with a dog that you've only seen pictures of? You have no idea what his personality is like or how he's going to act. It is so frustrating to see threads like this.
  10. I would worry about being scammed or getting a really sick dog. Not all online breeders run puppy mills, but I wouldn't trust it, IMO. I would check and see if there is a rescue organization in your area.
  11. I dealt with something like this before. I was looking for a english bulldog and I found a site that sold the dog from another state. I gave them my number and i got a call one day from some guy with a really strong indian accent asking for payment and trying to arrange how i want the puppy sent. Usually numbers on my cell phone will show up, but this number came up as just "call" which mean it was from some weird number or out of the country. Turned out to be scam...duh. I will never buy a puppy from online site, i'd much rather see the pupy beforehand to make sure everything is ok.

  12. I'm sorry to say this but I can tell you right now that you're being scammed... because there is no such breed as a "Shorkie". The "breeders" (and I use the term loosely) that make up these stupid names are breeding these animals solely to make money. They don't care about the quality of the dogs or the *****es they use for breeding, they rely on the cuteness factor only and then they wait for people like yourself to come along... and fall in love. Please think about this.
  13. PLEASE reconsider. if nothing else, pictures don't tell the whole story about a puppy. i couldn't even imagine getting a pet without seeing it first. heck, i can't even buy shoes online because i hate buying without trying. a puppy is a HUGE commitment and something that deserves time and energy...BEFORE you buy/adopt.

    there are wonderful, loving puppies available from shelters and rescues. give one of them a chance, and fall in love with one of those babies.
  14. Hope the puppy is okay....Here is my story going on right now.......We lost our
    yorkie 4 years ago and swore we would not have a dog again. We travel, visit kids, etc., etc. Well, my daughter picked me up two weeks ago to go pick up her son at school and go to the movies....after we stopped at a pet shop where , without telling me. they had bought a maltese. When we got there I told them not to buy from a pet shop, puppy mills, illnesses, etc., etc., etc.-Well my grandson was already in love with the puppy and I don't blame him, the puppy is adorable. To make matters even more complicated my daughter had planned with my son to get us the puppy's sister that was at the store also...One look, one lick and I forgot all about puppy mills, pet stores, etc.
    Brought our adorable little girl home. That evening I asked the pet store owner for the name and license number of the breeder/broker. Sure enough, the guy was fined many times by the USDA, the Aka terminated them for 10 years for fraud. The parents shown on my National KEnnel REgistration form are actually 14 years you know they are definitely not the parents., those dogs are probably dead. I marched to the petstore the next day with all my information and in front of customres informed them of their lies and where the puppy really came from, etc., etc.

    I still keep the little girl since by then my husband and I and the grandkids were totally smitten. 4 days after getting her she developed bronchitis, aka kennel cough, really bad. She has been on antibiotics, cough suppresants and if it does not go away in the next day or so, she will be undergoing more tests for heart or trachea problems. So far my daughter's puppy seems okay, but, again, only time will tell.
    I can't believe I fell for it and bought a pet store puppy. Hopefully she will be okay, we
    shall see, but I know now that this puppy cannot be 100% healthy because her genetics, her parents, her diet and everything else was horrible in a puppy mill, in
    Missouri.........Don't get that Dog......!!!!!:heart:H
  15. oh habanerita! I'm terribly sorry you have to go thru this! puppy mills really are the worst place you can get a dog from. Good for you for telling the pet store people off and in front of all the customers too! is there any way you can take it a step further and get the authorities involved? i hope your puppy feels better soon!