Buying a New Mobile Phone on Ebay

  1. Hi Ladies & Gents,

    How safe is it buying a new Mobile phone off Ebay? Is there anything I should particularly look out for or avoid?

    I'm looking for the Motorola Razor and there are a couple of sellers in the UK that look interesting.

    Cal :flowers:
  2. Well i got my l6 slvr off of ebay , and i have no complaint. It just if u get an unlocked phone make sure it compatable with ur carrier. When i got my l6 i couldnt get MMS or get on the net. I had to plug everything in manuel.
  3. So basically if it's unlocked then that's OK. Also, does Quadband mean it will work anywhere? I'm such a dufus when it comes to mobiles. My current phone is really manky and I think I'd like a new one but they're really expensive here.
  4. BTW - I forgot to thank you Heavensent for your reply.

  5. Yes ...They are expensive everywhere get a deal they try to lure u into extending your contract ( with the carrier ). But think ebay should be your best bet in getting a new phone , with out worrying about being locked in for another year or so. Just make sure to read the listing carefully. You all ways have to be carefully with ebay.

    oh and your welcome
  6. I bought mine off ebay. I just made sure it was meant to go with my cellular provider.
  7. I've purchased one once.. They said it was TOTALLY BRAND NEW.. however, when I got the phone, I was checking the lifetime minutes since it was a Motorola and it said 20 minutes. I guess 20 minutes isn't too bad but still.. it was advertised as brand new.

    My advice, just double check feedback and try to see if they specialize in selling phones on ebay..
  8. My husband bought one after I washed two of my son's phones. I think you have to call and check and make sure there is nothing on the phone...can't remember what it is called but my husband called Sprint and they told them what to check for and he did. He got a great deal and we got it for like $65. He said he will always buy phones off of ebay from now on.
  9. Quadband will be good all around. I'm a little iffy about buying phones off of eBay mostly because of the lack of warranty but you take that gamble to get a nicer and newer model phone. My dad's had a number of problems with phones he bought off of eBay, battery that didn't hold a charge for more than 2 hours, phone missing parts.. etc.

    My brother uses another forum for phones and he met up with his seller to inspect before buying. If you're interested, PM and I'll let you know the details.
  10. My next phone will be the motorola razr too, eventually when the funds are there I'll purchase it off of ebay. I thought when they are unlocked you can use it w/ any service?!?
  11. Yes u can, as long as u a have sim card.
  12. Thanks ladies,
    The phone I'm looking at is unlocked and the guy has a guarantee that it will work (or exchanged if problems). He seems to be running a business doing this.
  13. Hi, I know a few friends who have brought phones off ebay and it has had mixed results. I agree that you should definately check feedback. Also try and pay with a method that will offer some comeback - paypal/credit card. There are some good ebayers out there and I really hope it works out!:yes:
  14. hehehe, i'm high-jacking this thread.... :roflmfao: umm, i was wondering if anyone could let me know of a good eBayer where i could get a phone from? :graucho:
  15. i'm really upset bc i bought a phone of ebay for almost $200 from 100% feedback, he had lots of sales...after 2 weeks it just died and cannot be i'm really disappointted