buying a new car -- color help!

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what color malibu should i buy?

  1. black granite metallic

  2. summit white

  3. other (explain below)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i have decided on a chevy malibu and i'm down to black granite metallic (more depth than a flat black) or summit white (a true, snowy white, not a cream of off-white). i like both!

    currently i drive a black 2-dr pontiac g6 gt so going to a 4-dr is a switch, but for whatever reason i really, really like the malibu. pretty solid ride too. the trim package that i'm getting is the LT2 so i can get the 5-spoke aluminum 17" rims or the 18"-ers. and if i remember the options correctly, i'll have the dual exhaust, just to get an idea of what the car will look like, and i'm getting the ebony ultralux suede-like interior.

    so black, white, or other? when it comes to cars, i take good care of them. i'm actually buying this one and not leasing too so i need to get something that won't look weird in a few years.

    here is a link to the malibu page:

    thanks for your help! :tup::tup::tup:
  2. I know a lot of people go for black. For me, between the two, it would have to be white. The only way I would drive a black or red car is if it was free. But it looks good in either color. Chevy Malibu is a good choice.
  3. Black granite metallic...I looked it up on your link and :drool:!
  4. My car has a black metallic finish, which I've always liked. So I'd go for that color.
  5. What about the G8??

    Regarding color....have you thought about red? Black shows dirt very easily as does white. I found with my red car I could go another week without a wash and it looked good still.
  6. black is WAY worse than white in showing dirt, but i have a black car and adore it. i dont mind washing it more bc i love the color so much, so i voted for the metallic color!
  7. Great car! I would go for black. I don't care for white cars. They look like rentals to me.
  8. I would go w/ white. Lighter color cars don't show scratches as bad & being in MI where it always snows in the winter I would go w/ something that kinda camouflages the dirty snowy filthy slush.
  9. or even a blue is nice. black/white/silver are really bad at showing dirt.
  10. ^^usually silver hardly shows any dirt
  11. I cannot stand white cars. Black is better, but both show dirt, but white, IMO is worse. When black gets dirty I don't mind it as much as when white gets dirty for some reason.

    We just bought a metallic blue car with grey interior and I LOVE it. We had to take it in to have them install the remote starter and new floor mats and they gave me a loaner. It was white with a tanish interior (But it was kind of vomit colored with green undertones or something) and I HATED it so bad. So much so that if they would have had me test drive in this I would have found reasons to hate the car just for the awful aesthetics.
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    silver shows dirt badly. i have a friend who just bought a brand new silver car...had it maybe 2 weeks and it's so filthy...

    **it's a light silver, it's not a metallic white..and it's not a dark silver/gray
  13. I nominate champagne or a similar colour. I have a black car and it looks great but it hows every scratch. In GA, there is a lot of pollen during spring so when I did not have a garage, my car would be covered in pollen. Now in LA, it seems like the equivalent is dust. I have covered parking (not a garage) and week after getting my car washed, it is has a light film of dust.

    I still love the black car but a mid-tone coloured car would be easier maintenance. White cars are also a lot of work.
  14. pewter or gold!
  15. You guys, always thinking about more power :P

    I think the black granite metallic goes better with the ebony interior you want. My cousin has one, good looking car and pretty good gas mileage too. Congrats!! :yahoo: