Buying a new bag..suggestions please!

  1. I would like to spend about $700+ for a bag that I can carry daily, and also be able to take for job interviews (not a briefcase type). I would appreciate some suggestions, please.
    Oh, and I don't like stuff withe lots of studs, metalwork..
  2. [​IMG]
    I suggest the Trotter Romantique Medum Simple tote for $760 at
  3. kooba paige
    loeffler randall $795
    gustto $595
    joy gryson $885
  4. What about the Mulberry Bayswater or Ledbury? The Ledbury is smaller
    index.jpg ledbury.jpg
  5. Longchamp Le Pliage. Well made and not super pricey.
  6. Kooba "Sloane" tote, $645:

    Bulga satchel, $625:

    Be&D O'Keefe hobo, $895:
    Burberry Maddie tote, $625:

    Good luck with your search! :flowers:
  7. LOVE pursegrrl's suggestions, esp. the bulga and the burberry.

    you might also check out this satchel by gryson, which i happen to love - it's $775 at, but you can get 20% off with code toutie, i believe.

    another great classic style is this botkier bianca for $595.

    mostly, though, make sure you pick a bag you absolutely love - that's the most important factor of all!
  8. :yes: Great bag!
  9. From indie designer Elezar:

    ELEZAR - Morgan Fall


    Wonder if anyone on this forum has bought an Elezar bag?
  10. I love that Elezar bag.. wow.. it may have to go on my list!
  11. Claudiarucker, it does look rather nice, doesn't it? Wonder what the quality of the leather is like.

    Medhavini, How about a Dutchy?

    Nana Doc Medium


    Jet Tote

  12. I just discovered these judy bown totes on another thread. I LOVE THEM! Very simple and look beautifully made, IMHO. The leather looks delicious.

    Bown - Mini Tote

    I love the colors!
  13. has the Mulberry Elgin tote in black for $597. That's a pretty good deal. I am so tempted!
    Mulberry - Elgin Tote -