buying a new bag. question about botkier leather.

  1. hi ladies
    i'm going to be buying myself my first expensive (well expensive to me anyway!) bag within the next month or two. i've been looking and looking and i like a few marc by marc jacobs bags and i recently discovered the botkier bianca large satchel (black) and i love it, but i've been searching through the threads and heard some stories of some of the bianca's leather wearing.
    i'm just wondering if any of you have the bag in black and carry it often and have had this happen to you? i dont want to spend that much money on a bag if its going to start getting ruined!
    thanks ladies!!
  2. I have a botkier bianca in denim and its been holding up really well for me.... I am careful with my bags.. but I do carry a lot of things in my bag.. if that helps.

    I was saying how the leather wears off for the metallic colours which were available last season - but since you want the black one.. it should be ok....

    You are thinking of using the Bianca as an everyday bag correct? - If you want an everyday that can take a beating I would recommend the Trigger as oppose to the Bianca. I also have a trigger and it is built like a tank!
  3. yep i would be using it everyday. i just want to make sure the leather will hold up. i try not to throw my nice bags around but i also dont baby them. i know the leather is really soft so i'm worried that its going to be thin or something if that makes sense.
    thanks for the reply if definatly helps!
  4. the leather is not thin...and the bag is lined with suede... but the outer leather can get scratched up if you are not careful - its lambskin.. so it is easier to get scratched as oppose to, say pebbled cowskin
  5. ok that doesnt sound bad. i'm pretty good about keeping my bags from getting scratched up i was mostly worried when i heard the leather wears and i was afraid that if the leather was thin it would start to sag or get misshapen from carrying too many things in it.
    thanks so much for all your info i really appreciate it!
  6. glad I can help!

    but make sure you try it out in person first - I did notice that for different colours they sometimes use different leather (it feels different, but all lambskin, some is matte and others have sheen - i am not taking about the snake skin stuff..)- so you might want to get a feel for the black one if you can see one at the store.
  7. i really want to see one in person. i'm not sure where they carry them around where i am..i'll probably have to take a trip to boston and look at one.
  8. i have the med bianca in gunmetal (black with a silverish sheen ) and its amazing

    granted i do take good care of my bags and i switch them out a lot so one bag only gets used tops 4 days in a row and rotates every few wks
    BUT when i do use it i stuff it and the leather for sure isnt thin its quite impressive cause it is so soft and yet feels durable to me

    i have read the same things though that people found the leather to wear, but i cant say ive seen any signs of anything like that happening it seems quite well made and usable! :smile:
  9. And there are othe rgreat Botkiers that have totally different leathers like the Bombay or Carlton line. I have an amazing Brosby Hobo that has a sheen to it and can go through any weather and can endure alot of tossing around.