Buying a new Bag or accessory this weekend?

  1. If so share with us!!:yes: Mine is a chocolate paddy! How about you??:nuts:
  2. Tomorrow...Going to Gucci....for the Continental Wallet in black leather to match my new Gucci Blondie...YEAH
  3. I have a Groom Cles on hold at LV...just haven't decided what to do about it yet!
  4. Thinking of getting the delicious Blue Ostrich Celine Boogie bag...somebody stop me before I commit myself.

  5. Oh go for it!!:yahoo:
  6. shucks, i'm on a spending ban at the moment so i will live vicariously through you guys!
  7. I just got a Fendi satchel from Intermixx today.....went in for a Chloe bag and fell in love with this Fendi Logo its brown with black velvet.
  8. no, I don't want to buy.. hehe.. I am waiting for two bags still... so no buying for now.. my red Hermes bearn just arrived today though.. so very happy so far..
  9. I went down on Friday evening to try on the new (reissued) Frye lace-up engineer boots, but they didn't have them in my size .... :crybaby:
  10. Hermes shawl this weekend...and Prada sweaters...CL shoes...
  11. I DID :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: !!!
  12. if it's still in store, i'm getting a medium YSL double in white/anthracite
  13. I just got a couple of new LV accessories but may go shopping tomorrow night and look at bags again...BF has a guys night to watch football with his co-workers so I need retail therapy :graucho:
  14. Hmm, a coach fob, wristlet, key pouch, and charm. I'm not buying another bag till Columbus day.
  15. I ordered a Hayden Harnett bag on line! I never saw it IRL but I hope I love it! That's what I bought this week. I am going to to look for a Chloe bag today when I can get out this afternoon!