Buying a LV in Spain

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  1. Hi all, Ive not made a thread for a while lol, anyway I just wanted to know from anyone who lives/has been to a Spanish LV, is Everthing made in Spain ??.

    My preference is that I would rather my LV made in other places than france (although france is great lol) anyway I will be going to Spain next month and would like to know about this as Im very close to an LV store.

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I know that this is an old thread..

    The boutiques in Spain have a varied selection of goods made in other locations. I purchased a briefcase in Barcelona Spain that was made in France. I bought a wallet in Madrid that was made in the USA. Actually, I have never purchased any LV product in Spain that was actually made in Spain. All of my "made in Spain" pieces have been purchased here in the U.S. I was disappointed by this.

    Hope you had fun in Spain!
  3. Hey all!
    I'm new here and I'm so glad I found you guys! I apologize if I have posted in the wrong section. So I am going to Spain in a couple of months and I want to buy a LV there. So to those who have traveled and bought bags in Europe - how was your experience like? Did you get your tax refund? What was the process like with the Customs folks and all? Do you have to carry your bag on the plane with you along with your other stuff? What about when you get back to the United States?

    I suppose my question is mainly directed to those who have used the tax refund to buy designer goods so if you have been through this or have knowledge of this process, please help me out!!


    PS - Are prices in Europe same throughout for LV or do they vary country to country...I imagine the latter to be true but again, I am not sure.
  4. They vary from country to country.. Do not know about tax refound, since I live in Europe.. ;)
  5. Hey, I live in Spain, the prices here are different for example the speedy 30 the one I want costs 450 euros, which I find cheap considering Carolina Herrera bags costs the same.

    There are some shops, in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao...where are you going?? You don't need to carry your bag with you in the plane, you can carry it with luggage but I would carry it as hand luggage. And for my abroad travels, like when the plane stops in a spanish airplane and I buy some things with no taxs there is no problem. About the taxs, I don't know if the LV stores can take it off but what I know is that in my favourite department stores that in Madrid and some places has LV store can take the off the taxs.
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    Hi PINKY13. I am from the U.K but I am living in Barcelona. I am not sure where you are from. I have found the price's can be slightly different to the U.K . I am sorry, I don't know about the tax refund, ask in the store and they will be able to help but I am not sure if they can do it for you. Go to website and chech out the Spainish link from there. It might give you the cost in Euro's, so that could give you some idea before you leave. Also check out the Euro exchange rate.

    Sorry I haven't been much help. Enjoy your trip and remember to post pictures of your goodies!! :smile:
  7. Shb they don't post the prizes in the spanish website even they don't sell online
  8. XOXOGG - Yeh I know, I just checked. How strange. Do you know why? :confused1:
  9. yes because in Spain we don't have the sell online yet in the LV site and also in other brands as Gucci. I talked with the SA in LV Madrid few days ago and he told me they are going to add it soon
  10. XOXOGG - Thank you. Will you be going to look at any of the Roses bags tomorrow? I am going into BCN on Friday to have a look, they are holding the speedy and the neverfull for me. :yahoo:
  11. Yes I'm so excited. I will be traveling throughout but will probably be spending most of my time in Barcelona and I know they have a couple of boutiques there. In fact, I'm thinking of giving Customer Service a call to find out the current prices in Spain, and if need be - the store itself. I'll also try to get info on the tax refund and post in the appropriate thread.

    Thanks everyone for your help!!
  12. I can't :sad: specially because I don't live in Madrid or Barcelona I live in Galicia and we don't have a LV store, but the SA in Madrid told me that I can get some bags if I want, they send to our Corte Ingles but just only few for I can check and decide which one I like but like in March I'm going to Madrid I will buy the things there. Oo by the way if you are going can you ask how much the pink new key ring cost?
  13. No problem. I will do that and let you. :tup:
  14. SHB - can you let us know about the approx prices in BCN? Esp for the pouchettes ;)

    Thankss :heart: