Buying a Kelly at Hermes?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum (which I love) I am going to Hermes Boston store tomorrow. I have a couple of questions I would like to ask before I go into Hermes. ( a little scared)...I don't want to look completely clueless! (which I am.

    1. If I wanted to order a case they do not have I pay the full amount?

    Now, I can't think of the other question?

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. What I would do when you walk in there is look around at all the display cases with bags and express interest in learning more about the bags. If there is a Kelly, ask to see it and model it to determine if it's the right size and color for you. The SA helping you might bring other ones from the back for you to try on.

    Don't worry about being clueless. Only a bad SA would make you feel clueless. When I decided I was ready to buy my Kelly I went into the store thinking I would have to place my name on a list and wait a couple years. I went in looked around at the bags and expressed interest in buying a bag, possibly a Kelly. I asked the SA if I had to place my name on a list and how long it would take. She let me know that there were some Kellys in the back and brought out 3 different ones of various sizes and shapes, one of which I eventually purchased.

    If they don't have what you like they may offer to let you special order one however that doesn't always happen. Depending on the SA, they may offer to call you when something they think you like comes in. You may just have to check back periodically. If you can buy something small like a scarf or bracelet. By establishing a relationship with an SA you increase your chances of getting the bag of your dreams.

    Sorry for the long post but I hope this helps.
  3. Dear touristravler,

    Thank you so much for your help, greatly appreicated. I will tell you what happens tomorrow.

    Good luck...on the superbowl.

  4. Today is here!!!

    Let us know what you get, what you decide to wait on, or what you decided you want!!

    Have fun!! :wlae:
  5. Dear Angelfish,

    I can't believe it...I am little nervous, but also really excited. How strange is your first day of school. Of course the day I am going to Hermes is -10 with the wind chill, so much for walking from work.

  6. ^ give us a full report!! Best of luck to you!
  7. Where'd you go girl??

    I know you got that new sumpthin sumpthin... so pics! Post! We're waiting!! :yes:

    HUGZ ;)
  8. Dear Angelfish,

    After nearly freezing walking over to Hermes (I did not go over till late). I was very disappointed and a little depressed. They did not have many Kellys and hardly any Birkens. They had a 28cm blue ostrich Kelly - beautiful bag...but the price...I did not feel like selling my first born....yet, of course after temper tantrum last night it did cross my mind. Then they had a 28cm chevre rouge. After looking at the Kellys I realized I really want either a 32cm or 35cm. I decided I would wait for what I really want. The SA was very nice she took my name and number and said she would be calling when any inventory came into the store. I was looking at the collier de chien bracelets, had a beautiful brown croc... Went back out into the cold...immediately went into the Four Seasons couple of doors down and drowned my sorrows and I don't remember the rest of the night....only kidding...went home to the family dreaming about 35cm Hermes Kelly bag in black cheve. But the dream is still alive, just have to be patience. Thanks for all the help. mollyandjake
  9. Congrats on your Hermes visit! I think it is quite amazing that you did get to see Kellys and Birkins displayed on the shelves at all, so don't be depressed!
  10. Those sound like gorgeous kellys! The times I have walked into the Madison store I have very rarely seen any bags that I absolutely loved (okay, just once, but that was a long long time ago), so your trip sounds quite successful. But you're right -- with Hermes, patience does pay off!

    Fingers crossed for you, M!
  11. Dear Gina and hello2703, you are right the Kellys and the Birkens that I saw were beautiful. But of course I thought I would immediately see my HERMES and life would be beautiful. So....I had a little too high expectations. Kinda like going on your first date.....You worry all day on what to wear and what to say....and then at dinner something gets stuck in his teeth and that is all you remember. wasn't that bad! Being times difficult.
  12. do you live near the store, maj? cos if you do you can always do "drop ins" :p eventually you will see the bag of your dreams if so! :smile: good luck! and yes it does take some patience :p