Buying a item & later finding its fake

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  1. Right now I'm leaning towards its a fake? But not 100% certain yet.

    I bought this Dolce & Gabbana iPad case while back and after more research think its fake bc I don't see the Dolce & Gabbana signature spelled out? Also I'm finding it odd bc there was no authentication card but in the photo there was one shown next to it, I did email the seller back when and never got a response. So I just let it go because at that point I thought it was authentic but I see one similar listed on eBay but this one has the signature signing on the iPad case itself.

    If this is a fake can you report it to eBay even after its been since June 23rd? At least to report the seller so they don't fool anyone else?


  2. Sure. Call ebay and report the seller if you're absolutely sure it's counterfeit. If you cannot be 100% certain, then let it go.

    Next time, buy locally or from an authorized online dealer to ensure that the item is genuine. Only buy from small ebay sellers if you youself can distinguish a fake from the real thing. No point in wasting your hard-earned money on fakes right??
  3. ^ Agree..

    And since you bought in back in June your window for filing a claim has expired
    (you have 45 days to file with ebay)

    How did you pay for this? If you paid with a credit card your card may have
    a different time limit (like 6 months every card is different) you could
    file a chargeback with your cc
  4. True except everything looks correct except no signature and I'm not sure if they all have it or not so no I'm not 100% certain it's not real but based on some others I'm now seeing those have the signature someone where on it. I was reading this persons feedback the day I posted this and I now see 1 neg for selling a fake, of course that was way after I bought mine! Oh we'll you live and learn!
  5. I never knew that about eBay but it is good to know! I paid via PayPal but I highly doubt since I'm not sure if its authentic or not they'd do anything I was only asking in case I did in fact find out it wasn't. I'm now noticing all similar cases like this one I bought has a signature somewhere on it where as mine does not but its was like I spend $200-$300 on it so if it is fake ill just chalk it up as a learning experience but certainly won't be buying from that seller again!
  6. I JUST happened to me (for some reason I have been extremely unlucky this month...oh sighhhhh)

    not as extreme as your case, it was a fake dress that I found out after a month and a half(good thing it fit so bad I never worn it), becuase someone else is selling the same fake claiming it was another brand. I contacted the seller stating all my facts, I think they didnt want their dirty business ruined so they agreed to give me a refund.
    I guess in your case since the seller is not being nice, ebay would definately help out since evidence shows seller not being responsive.
    Maybe try if theres a D&G section here so ppl can auth for you(?) get your money back if it is! :smile: good luck!
  7. I would tell the seller you plan to report it to ebay if they do not give you a refund. I received a fake chanel one, i didnt wait as long as you have, but i let the seller know i was going to report them and they refund me. they also asked that i returned the item, which i did, but they issued the refund first. unfortunately though, they are probably still selling their fakes on ebay. it is probably best to report it either way.