buying a home

  1. My hubby and I are lookinf to buy a home this is what we have narrowed it down to

    this one is 4 bed 2 bath (2004)


    this one is 3 bed 2 bath (2002)

    Wha does very one think?
  2. I think the second one looks the best.
  3. Yea i think thats the one I like the MOST!!!!
  4. that's great!!! I wish you all the best with your decision!
  5. I like #2! Good luck!
  6. oooh tough!

    i'd probably lean towards the one with more bedrooms just because i would like each of my kids (when i have them) have their own room, plus an office or spare bedroom. however, i like the layout of the second better (from what i can tell).

    good luck! they both look like good choices! :smile:
  7. Thats why it's hard! We have one boby and are planning on a second in the next 2 yrs. so it works for the more rooms so i can have an office but then I love the lay out of the first! They cost the same so we can't deside that way! We are going to go look again so we can decide.
  8. I like both of them, but I think I'd go for the one with 4 bedrooms. You can never have enough room in a house, it seems, and it's nice to have a BR for you and each of your children and then maybe an office, guest room, or playroom for your kids. Our first home was 3 BRs and after we had two kids, it was way too small. Of course, if you have a basement, that makes a difference too because you can overflow into that area for a playroom or whatever. We grew up with basements, but don't have them where we live now.
  9. How are the schools in the area? Neighbors? Have you visited the local police station and asked them how many calls are responded to in those particular areas? Location is everything- so be sure to do your homework! A small home in a good school district is going to have a better resale value than a big home in a not-so-good school district. Buying a home is the most important investment you will probably make in your life, so make sure you can get your investment out of it someday if you want to move on! Good luck! :heart:
  10. If it were me looking I would go with #1 because i like the 4 bdrm arrangement. You can always upgrade whatever you dont like cosmetically.