Buying a gift on a budget :)

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  1. Hi everyone I want to buy my sister a bag for her birthday and I wanted to see if I had any options with a 3K budget? Does the Chanel boy bag even come close to that? Thank you SOOOO much for any help!
  2. The clutch with chain is $2600, and the mini flap is $2400. The cheapest Boy I have seen so far is $3800. Not sure if there's a cheaper Boy around.
  3. No boys for that much, but if you can find a black Valentine's bag like in the avatar photo for Valentine2014, that would be a great bag, as you can remove the charms when you tire of them and have a single flap M/L classic lambskin bag for $3400 I think? Well worth the extra $400.

    Other bag options are the GST tote for $2900 and the kisslock clutch for $1900. The WOC are wallets on a chain, so not really a bag per se but many use them for going out and such which range from $1500 up. Also the mini with prices from $2000 to $2400 (square and rectangular respectively).
  4. Thank you all sooooo much!!! I'll report back with what I got! At least now I have direction :smile:
  5. A PST, GST, woc, square mini, some seasonal bags.... There's a few choices to choose from. However, a boy I don't think it's under/ within the budget...unless a boy woc ;)
  6. I like the PST for her, she's 4'11 and I'm thinking of the GST for myself I'm 5.5" and a size 8/10 so smaller bags don't work on me. Any other totes that might be better than the GST?
  7. Many new seasonal totes out for summer; not sure of the prices. Don't recall the price of the cerf tote, but that can look a bit work formal. Timeless tote is another idea.
  8. I looked at many totes and somehow my fave is still the GST. elegance in its simplicity. :smile: the Valentine flap is $3800.
  9. There's a boy clutch, isn't there? I can't remember how much it costs though.
  10. I recommend the GST! It is the perfect bag!
  11. I think the PST would be great for you petite sister. And I love the GST for myself because I am taller, too. That would be greet for you if you like bigger bags! Let us know what you decide:smile:)
  12. You're so sweet buying a Chanel for your sister! What a lucky girl she is. I would go with either the PST or GST. You said she is petite, but I think the GST would still look good on her and it's obviously bigger and for me, bigger is almost always better in most situations when it comes to everyday bags.
  13. We're headed to Vegas in a few days! I'll let you know how it goes...just keep me away from the CL boutique or I'll blow it all there!
  14. yes, if im right, the boy clutch is $2700. not a bag choice