buying a dust bag

  1. maybe weird question.. but does anyone know if we are able to buy dustbags? lets say i lost mine or got a bag off ebay that didnt have one... could i buy one?
  2. They don't sell them, but if you have a really good relationship with an SA you may be able to get an extra by asking.
  3. what if you buy a new bag.. can u ask for an extra one?
  4. yea, thats what im concern too.
  5. You can buy them on ebay. Some of the MPRSs sell them sometimes. I bought one from b744wify.
  6. I've bought several different dust bags on eBay. No LV, but Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta. I see LV sleepers
    on there often.
  7. When I bought my Cerises Sac Plat, my SA said the red dust bag was missing but, she would order one and send it to my home. So, I think you are able to get another dust bag from your SA. It doesn't hurt to ask.
  8. Yes, you can find them on ebay.
    Or like someone mentioned, if you have a good relationship with your SA he/she would give you extra...just mention that you lost yours or that it got damaged.

    I hate it when sellers do not include the dustbags! :rolleyes:
    I have had a couple of transactions where it was not included.
    It's a PITA b/c I like to keep my bags protected when not in use.
  9. I need one too...just bought a bag from ebay w/ no dustbag. I was thinking of calling the boutique. I'll let you guys know what happens.
  10. I might have one someone could have - I don't use mine. I will look and see. Just send me a PM if you would like it. I won't charge you anything. I don't use mine.
  11. And the lucky winner of my speedy dustbag (from my new damier speedy) is pinkbweakfast! (She was the quick one on the draw with a PM) - No charge at all - just a free little something from one purse forum member to another. Mine's just been sitting on the shelf and my damier really doesn't need it so I'm glad to send it off - just hope it won't be too big for your bag!
  12. Wow, you are so nice!! Good karma coming your way!:yes: :yes:
  13. Aww.. charleston-mom, you're too sweet ! :yes:
  14. charleston mom you are very kind!
  15. wow that was soooo sweet!!!

    too bad i missed out... never mind..

    i will see if i can get one..