Buying a dress, Yay or Nay!??? please help!

  1. It's prom season and there are so many beautiful dresses when I go shopping, Jessica McClintock, BCBG, Macy's and Nordstrom. AND ONE CAUGHT MY EYE!:nuts: I can't find it on the Macy's online catalog but it's similar to what Reese Withersppon wore to the 2005 Just LIke Heaven Premiere.

    I love it so much and fits really well on me.. the problem is, I don't have a prom to go to or any scheduled event this year yet, and the price tag ($350) is a little bit too much just for a dress I don't know when I will be wearing next.

    please help guys!!
  2. Maybe I'll go take a pix and post it up later..
  3. Care, that is such a cute dress! You would have to find an event to wear it to! I'm not sure if I am much help. It would be great to see more pics!
  4. Buy the dress because its stunning. The event will come later !!
  5. That's a great dress.
  6. Haha.. I think I just want it very badly but couldn't find a reason to justify of those impuse buying urge I have.

    I'm kind of petite (5'5) and have an Asian built- slender and not big bust. The dress is strapeless so the only thing I fear is that I won't be able to fill it very well (boob wise) and I certainly don't want a wardrobe malfunctions while I wear it ....

    I'm just in love with it. :love:
  7. I'm with Pradasmeadow on this one. The dress is beautiful. :love:
  8. If you like it, get it. It's so much better to have the dress ready in your closet instead frantically searching for the perfect dress and compromising with an OK dress when you need one. I am very picky with dresses, so if I find out that I like I will hang it in my closet until the time comes! Get it!! :smile:
  9. definitely YAY because if it looks anything like the dress Reese has on then it has be just stunning~!
  10. The event will come ... or you can create an event!

    It's a good idea to have the perfect dress in your wardrobe so that you won't have to frantically go out and buy one when you need it.

    Try toupe tape or double sided tape if you are afraid of any mishaps....

  11. It's a beautiful dress. I love it. I'd get it if I were you. I always have a dress or two as back up in case an event come up. This dress looks like it won't go out of style quickly so it's safe to have in your closet for a while.

    I am interested too, could you post the picture of the dress you saw in Macy? Thanks.

  12. It's gorgeous! I would wear that to prom but those types of dresses don't fit me well.
  13. The dress is gorgeous. I think you should buy it if you have an occasion to attend. However, if you don't really have an occasion to wear the dress, then may be you shouldn't buy it. I once bought a Burberry dress just b/c it was beautiful and on sale. I haven't had a chance to wear it. It's been almost a year and now i lost some more weight, so the dress doesn't even fit me. Bottom line is, you should buy it if you know you will wear it for sure.
  14. I agree with Pradasmeadow. You should buy it, and save it for something special. That way, when that event comes up, there won't be added stress for you.
  15. It's a very pretty dress but if you have no events planned in the near future to wear it to I say hold off buying it. Reason being by the time an event comes along that you would wear it to you might see something else you like better or the dress might just lose its bloom.