Buying a display model?

  1. Hi all
    I'm wondering, I called 866 and inquired about a bag I'm interested in at one of the local stores around here. She said there is 1 left and is not sure if it is a display model or not.
    That said, if it does turn out to be a display, is LV allowed to sell it? I asked the lady but she said no. However, my Pomme Agenda and MultiCles were display models and I was able to buy those...
    Let me know!
  2. I ams ure they can. but sometimes people dont want it becuase it has stayed under the light so the color might change.
  3. ^^Yeah, or because its been handled by who knows who, dropped down onto the glass, etc. But I guess if someone really wanted one, it would be okay?
  4. I personally wouldn't want a display model. The idea of all those hands touching MY bag makes me shudder. I barely want a bag that's been tried by someone else let alone on display for EVERYONE to play with. That's another reason I prefer elux, no one has tried on my bag! When I went to lv last time, they had no problem fishing out a new bag I was interested in trying on, and then I wore the bag around the store for 10 min. sometimes. It dawned on me after that, that if you buy a new bag from the store someone like me could have tried it on for a while and worn it around the store. I know I'm a little neurotic though, just a tad(read very, lol).
  5. Im not too sure, if its a bag that you cant get hold of again...then go for it but if its a bag that you can get hold of again then i say eBay it...for what you will pay for this bag thats been touched by many people you will get money knocked off by ebaying it and getting a new one or one used once and it will be in the same condition as the one in store (display model) :smile:
  6. you can purchase floor model as long as you don't mind paying full price for the bag that everyone's been touching/playing with. But I would definitely call around more, you mentioned 866 just search w/n ur area, may be ask them to search nationwide? the s&h is like 10 bucks if you are not in hurry which is an amazing price for LV lol.
  7. ok gals, my nearest store opens in half hour. i'll see what they have then. wish me luck...*fingers crossed*
  8. Good luck. My SA suggested NEVER to buy a display bag unless it was the last one in the company. She said the bag is not cared for very well. I still bought one though, a Mini Sac HL for my daughter, I don't think she minds so much. LOL.
  9. Best of luck! :smile:
  10. I wouldn't buy a display bag either... I'd wait until a new shipment comes in. ;)
  11. I've bought two display models. One was a Damier pap 30 with old hardware (which was apparently one of the last left) and the other was my Roxbury Pomme and I was told it had only been out a day or two.
    I just inspected them carefully!
  12. I think it just depends on the bag. What bag are ya gettin?
  13. Better sign in for waitlist instead. Stores have display models that they usually don't sell, unless the cutomer insist on buying.
  14. I love buying displays in the mono canvas. I like how the patina process has already started!!
  15. oooh my i am so bad. i got her! and she wasn't a display either ;) i will post photos later when i get home...