buying a damier azur speedy

  1. Hi everyone,
    I hope I am posting this in the correct forum.

    Do you think that now that the rush has died down it would be easier to obtain a damier azur speedy? I kind of want to go buy one tomorrow. :nuts: But I don't want to go to a store only to find out it's impossible to get or something.

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, I looked and didn't find anything.
  2. I have a 25 in my cart on elux if you want! let me know!
  3. oh thank you for offering! but i'm one of those people that have to see it in the store and "touch" it before they buy it, if that makes any sense haha. That is very kind of you though.
  4. Call your store or 866 for availability
  5. There are speedy 25's on eluxury this morning